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: Ok Slinger now you can stop complaining

07-01-2002, 09:06 AM
Fished last night via boat around the Saugatuck mouth, Mill Pond and Bearring Hill CT. Action was SLOW with wind against tide as it produced some nasty 2-3 footers that would sneak up on you when you least expected them. I felt like Gregory Hines on speed as I tried valiantly to keep my balance. Despite the rough seas I missed 2 and wound up with a Sea Robin. ( nasty little critters ). My buddy picked up a nice fluke. Although the fishing stunk we watched a terrififc sun set, the kind you only see on National Geographic when they film the plains of Africa. Had a great time "practicing my casting" even though the fishing was slow. Just nice to be out on the water with a good pal.