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: Chatham-SB-6/30

06-30-2002, 04:23 PM
Just saw the day posts...good for Penguin,FredA and Roop and obviously Juro... Started the day at the light... tide was outgoing ..but again NO bait or birds...this is bad... pulled a guy named Frank off the point and told him to come with me.... Landed a nice sea liced striper around 27 inches and he hooked into one as well... I left for the riprider and fish a bueatiful beach on the ocean side..fog ,intermittent sun and walked as far as I could south... hooked another about the same size and looked for pods of seals just foating in good rips .. casted near them but not in them.... tide ebbed so I left for the bay side with no luck at the slack... them home on the riprider 11:30... Things are tough down here for now..... Bob Pink stopped by CAC in the afternoon as I lounged on the deck.. he reported lots of big fish off shore and had a field day... Hope to hook up with Bob this week as he has a weeks vacation as well down here... Missed Fred and Penguin and Roop this morning..but they were better off where they went.