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: 6/23-6/28 S.E. Cape Cod Fishing Reports:

06-28-2002, 08:22 PM
6/28 S.E. Cape Cod Fishing Report
Pete and Dave joined me today for a combination of sight fishing and blind casting into the deep, fast moving water. Right off the bat both rods were doubled over. We picked up fish pretty regularly by working a fast current channel. Our flies imitated bait fish that were being swept along defenseless in the current. As the moving water slowed, so did the fishing, so we left for greener pastures. Once again we timed it perfectly and arrived at another fast moving water spot. We had not even caught our breath from the walk before Pete was into one. Both of my guest's were more interested in sight fishing than blind casting so off we waded. The light was absolutely terrible so we did spend a while just looking. Occasionally one would come by, allowing us a moment of excitement. As the water started to race across a very shallow piece of sand, we noticed that the fish had moved out of the deeper water and were holding in 6-12 inch's of water. Feeding on whatever the current would bring them. It was fun to see them, see their flash's, splash's, tails and cast at them. We picked away at them for awhile until I noticed a big patch of blue sky coming our way. So off we walked to get set-up on a piece of prime flat real-estate for the balance of the incoming tide. As soon as our toes touched the crystal clear water covering the white sand we saw fish. We once again picked away at them with landing the occasional fish here and there. We moved around a bit and continued to see them the entire tide in different area's. As we headed for shore all HECK broke lose with a large number of good sized Bass charging us from all directions, for about 20 minutes straight. Pete asked me where he should cast and my response was anywhere, It just didn't matter! After that excitement we were still spotting fish in a foot of water, with no sun as we walked to shore.

Another memorable day in many ways. I'm glad you all could join me for today's never ending virtual fishing safari.

No pictures today. We were in a hurry to sight and catch the next one, so I didn't want to take photo time away from their fishing time.

Best Fish's,


6/27 S.E. Cape Cod Fishing Report

In the first two blind casting spots we were only able to come up with one small fish. I was surprised as both spots had been producing better the last couple of days. Both of my guests were casting like there was no tomorrow so I could not use that excuse. (he-he) The fish simply were not there today. We enjoyed a 20 knot wind all day which created about a 1 foot chop. We were happy to see the sun, so we figured we would try the flats. With such high wind's the first spot we tried was tuff. It had a darker bottom which narrowed my window down to 40 feet or less. We did see a few fish here. Off we waded to find a little shallower water and lighter sand to improve our odds of seeing them. This worked like a charm and for the rest of the incoming tide we were on'm. Only thing was they were acting very fussy again. We had many shots, but could only entice one fish to eat. We also found a dozen bass all together, tailing on the flats again today. It was so entertaining to watch that throwing a fly at them was done only after we had enjoyed their show for a little while.

(See photo)

Bill picks up a schoolie while blind casting. (Remember this face. The next paragraph will explain why. Give him LOTS of room to cast! he-he)

Bill will be forever sorely etched in my memory for life. In 20 some odd years of guiding, I have never had a hook deeply imbedded into my skin. As I called out a fish, the combination of his fast , furious, lightning speed and powerful forward cast swept the razor sharp hook deep into my soft sensitive skin. Bill ran over once he saw what had happened and apologized profusely. I told him it was no biggy and it should just slide out easily as I always bend the barb, just for this reason. Well, it didn't come out as we both pulled and yanked on it with all our might. Bill was already to use the old, when I count to 3, I'll pull it out, but really yank it on the count of 2. (he-he) I told him I new that trick and I should be able to get it myself. After a minute or two of yanking and twisting I was able to work it free.

(See photo's)

After the fly incident (accident) with Bill. Ross found a new use for his stripping basket when fishing in close proximity of Bill. I gave Bill the phone number of a reeeeeely good guide he should call next time he wants to book a trip. (he-he) Ross scores a sighted flats fish. Congrats to you both!
I'll see you all sorely tomorrow, Randy

6/26 S.E. Cape Cod Fishing Report
It is not the fish we catch that counts..... It is the joyous rush of the brook, and the contemplation of the eternal rush of the stream. (Herbert Hoover)

Today we did a combination of a little blind casting and a lot of sight fishing. Fish were much more eager today to bite than yesterday. Part of the reason was a good strong wind helped disguise us, the plop of the fly line and fly. Saw a fair number of fish on the flats, but with the wind it made it at times difficult to see them. We also picked fish up by blind casting into some deep water spots.

The best part of today for me was to walk into an area and find about a dozen big bass tailing. Nothing but big tails flapping back and forth in about 3 feet of water as the bass did some head stands for our enjoyment. We stayed about 60 feet away and cast. Fish On!

(See photo's)

Dave shows off a couple of flats fish from today.

(See photo's)
Bill displays a blind casted fish. Congrats to you both!

The above are just a sampling of the fish landed today.

6/25 S.E. Cape Cod Fishing Report
Learn to visualize the lake without the water. (Jim Chapralis)

Today's weather was as good as it gets to sight fish. Light wind (actually too light), lots
of sun and a good number of big bass running in 6 inch's to 3 feet of water. BUT, they would
not eat! These are by far the fussiest fish of the season. I call this type of fishing
challenging, while other's use harsher words. (he-he) We hooked up a couple but ended up
dropping them. All other's either ignored it, spooked or looked closely at it before thumbing
their nose at us. I was surprised we did not do better as I was already using my August sight
fishing techniques and tactics.
My guests learned some new and exciting water to come back on their own to fish and we also got
to work on our casting skills.

(See Photo)

Above is a wild colony of Black Lab's. They migrate up here from the Delaware, Chesapeake Bay area
each summer. They live out on the outer beach's and Islands here on the cape. Dog watcher's from
around the world come here just to see these rare and unusual animals!

6/24 S.E. Cape Cod Fishing Report
The years teach much which the days never know. (Ralph Waldo Emerson)

Today was a slow day of catching but a great day of fishing and learning. We started out blind casting and picked up a couple of schoolies. Then off to the flats. We fished a total of 3 flats and saw a fair number of fish on all 3. Landed a couple more schoolies while sight fishing. Had shot's at a fair number of keepers with no luck. Both of my guests were great caster's, but we had to deal with a 20 or more knot wind. This made it very difficult to place the fly exactly in their path. We were lucky to find flats that did not have a 1 foot chop. This made the fishing more enjoyable and offered some fantastic visibility. Tomorrow's another day, so we will see you all then.

6/23 S.E. Cape Cod Fishing Report
Four-fifths of the earth's surface is covered with water, but only five percent of that water is good fishing. (Ted Trueblood)

Today we did a combination of blind casting and sight fishing. Tuff day to see them with clouds and little sun. But we were able to see some and get shots at them. We did better blind casting into area's with a concentrated water flow .

We worked on sight fishing technique and tactics, presentation of fly, habitat, flies, letting the wind make the cast for you, casting properly on your back cast, tighter loops, not using the wrist, rod positions, double hauling, proper tight line swing presentation, a number of different ways to achieve additional depth, fish behavior, bait behavior, rigging and a whole lot more. It's not ALWAYS about how many fish you catch. I always tell folks, a guide can reeeeely only guarantee one thing, Knowledge. That's why each and everyday I make it a point to impart as much information as possible, not knowing exactly how the day is going to go. This knowledge will last you a lifetime. Hiring a guide is a nice way to take a short cut on the learning curve.

Today was a success in many ways!

(See photo's)

Keith with a couple of keepers. Congrats!!

Hope you enjoyed your visit on this never ending virtual fishing trip!

Randy Jones

06-28-2002, 08:38 PM
Originally posted by RandyJones

I was surprised we did not do better as I was already using my August sight
fishing techniques and tactics.

Can you talk a little more about these August sight fishing techniques and tactics?

06-28-2002, 10:00 PM
He could tell you but then he would have to kill you!:tsk_tsk:

06-28-2002, 11:01 PM
call me an addict, but i'm still in.

i figure i can run faster than a guy wheelin' a ladder :razz:.

06-30-2002, 05:37 PM
I'd love too. But unfortunately due to time restraints I'm unable. To dive into it and write about all the pieces of the puzzle that need to come together to be consistently successful while fishing to big, educated July-August Bass would be an entire article. Not being one who does things half arsed in business, this would take up a number of hours of my time which I simply dont have presently. I'm very sorry!

May all your door knobs smell of grossly oversized striped bass!!!

Randy Jones

Below are 2 reports "with pictures" from last August when it all came together.

8/15 Report

Ron and Russel were treated to another incredible day on the flats. Sun and lil wind with lots and lots of fish to sight cast too, made it a day for "KINGS." We had very little down time between fish. If we did not see them, then we would move 200 feet to another section of the flat and there they were in good numbers. Or we would walk 1/8 mile to another section of the same flat and would find them there. At one point when we stopped seeing them we walked 100 feet and looked into a small bowl and found them all over again. It was interesting to simply move to different depths, structure or areas on the same flat and find them. Ron lands a couple with Russel hooking up 5 time's, but all fish short striked his fly and were off in an instant. Russel still hold's the record of all my clients with a sighted fish being landed of. 25 lb's and 45 inch's on the flats!.

Both of my guests could cast my "happy meal" flies to the next county which gave us an added benefit. Even with long cast's, leading the fish and moving the fly correctly (proper presentation) the fish were very fussy. Welcome to August!

Noticed about 8 different types of bait on the flats today. Lots and lots of food to keep my babies well fed and strong for your next perfectly cast fly!
Ron lands his biggest striper ever, first time sight fishing for them. (39 incher) Boy, what a cow. Now, THATS a Cape Cod keep-A. Congrats to you both!

Ron lands his biggest striper ever, first time sight fishing for them. (39 incher) Boy, what a cow. Now, THATS a Cape Cod keep-A. Congrats to you both!

06-30-2002, 05:40 PM
8/10 Report
Father and son spent the entire day sight fishing the Caribbean style flats we have here on the cape. The only thing missing were some palm trees and native women in grass skirts! Rich was the first to hook-up with dad fast in his foot steps. We found a fair number of fish eager to inhale our offering, while others ignored us and left us with that empty feeling. We saw big singles to schools of 100 in 1-3 feet of water!

Just another tuff day at the office, I wish they were all this easy. Im starting to get a little tired of the sun, cool breeze and miles of walking on these hard bottom flats. Boy, what I wouldn't give for a nice air conditioned desk job!

Norm with a 39 inch'a. At Norms age, I said he better let me bring it in, but he would have none of that. What a honk'a

06-30-2002, 06:16 PM

You're not going to get off that easy! ;)

I'm patient. I'll wait.