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: A Pleasant Surprise on the Green

Leland Miyawaki
06-27-2002, 02:40 PM
I was taking advantage of the cloudy weather and fishing for steelhead on the Green this morning when I caught a beautifully marked cutthroat of about 20" on a Green Butt Skunk. At first I thought it was another jack as it cleared the water four times on the way in. I've never caught any cutties before in the Green so it was a nice gift from the fish gods.


06-27-2002, 03:10 PM
That's a nice cutt! I used to take my son and his buddies down to fish the stretch from the tail out of the Soos Creek pool down to car body pool and let them catch cutt after cutt on caddis in the evening. They loved it, great memories.

Should be a few moving through Nishimoto Strawberry Farms by now, the head of the deep pool just below the shallow braids always holds some summer runs in June. They tend to hole up in the gorge until it rains and then pop out at Horseshoe in Palmer/Kanasket.

In a couple of weeks or after a big rain, taking a hike up to the Headworks and spotting them in the pools is really something. Although I've seen them all thru the stretch, the best hookups I've had are at the top half of the last pool before the parking lot (down-most), and the long stretch of faster water running over a mile down to the railroad trestle.

Without a doubt the most fish stack at the Horseshoe in the summer and if you figure out how to get in before they open the gates and after they close them the fish get really antsy and will hit surface flies. I actually hooked one in front of my mother one day there!

I love and miss the Green, the Snoqualmie, the Sky and other rivers that are just a short drive from suburban Seattle. Keep the reports coming!