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: Rod for Yak

06-26-2002, 05:18 AM
After several outings and fishing out of the yak I have come to the conlusion that I need to make a rod just for the yak fishing. It will be 8 1/2 or 9' long and one that if it breaks won't hurt too much. There is so much to keep track of that one could easily break a good rod. I remember some suggestions that a longer rod would be better in a yak. When landing a fish wi a longer rod th´fish* has the advantage and it would be difficullt to lip the fish. What do most of you use for rod length in your yak? FishHawk:smokin:

06-26-2002, 09:20 PM
:) When I had my Yak I use to use a 10 foot 8 weight, using the idea that one would want a longer rod as you sit actually below the water-line. Build my own rods using oversize guides, use a nail knot leader to line. The leader goes through the tiptop easily. The only problem I had was fish going underneath the Yak. Just my thoughts.
I am now having a ball with my inflatable, gone out through the surf with no problem, had some good fishing every time I have gone. It is still wet returning to the shore. :p