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: Friday scouting

Bob Pink
05-18-2001, 07:00 PM
Hit the causeway at 05:00 with the 'yak, georgeous morning FAC conditions and made the paddle down through the bathtub and out to S.Beach. No bait, no birds, no fish showing..... hmmm? Tried drifting and casting with no takers so I beached and struck out for the east-facing beach. Big surf greeted me but it looked fishable if you picked the right sequence of 'sets'.
Ended up with two fish from the suds, one on a Capt Ray angel hair and the other on a deep sand eel. By 7:30 I headed back to the west to see if the RipRyder crew was closing in. Met with Steve who had also paddled down in his yak fishing machine and we soon had a boatload of RipRyders to welcome including your intrepid meister, Roop.
The fishing up until the time I headed back to the causeway was less than impressive, although I'm certain that they killed 'em just after I had to leave ;(
Striblue had the fish of the am up inside the 'tub' which I had ignorantly paddled right on through. A solid 31", aside from that it was ones & twos for everyone else.
Hopefully that 10-15 Southerly that was blowing up will push some bait and/or warmer waters back in for tomorrow's efforts.
BTW: I did one more trip to the ocean beaches and there is some outstanding structure if you walk north from the RR drop-off. Look for the orange and black bouy that is propped up on the beach, there's a beautiful bowl in front of it and a large bar about 50 yds to the North.

Good to meet old friends and new faces, have a great weekend.

And any boarding of my 'yak that results in the yak and it's occupant remaining upright is a 'graceful' one in my book! ;)

05-19-2001, 09:26 AM
It was good to meet you, and all of the other fellas. You missed John's (StriBlue) beautiful mid-channel dismount from the Tribalance. It didn't tip, though! The judges gave him an 8.5. They deducted the point and a half because he tangled himself up in his flyline while bobbing for anchors. To his credit, he did take himself into backing.
I did the same as you...paddled through the 'tub past the fish. I picked up 3 in the 2 foot range, but figured there would be "thousands" in the surf off South Beach, so I kept going. Oh well. Should'a been there last week. Weird fishing, but a fun day regardless. I also paddled past the mouth of Stage along Hardings and Ridgevale. No sign of anything. I thought I might find one of those tailing blues that hang there in mid-May, but was wrong. I paddled back along the West side flats...lots more of nothing. Finally I crossed the break between North and South Monomoy and back to the 'tub where John and I found a few rats before heading home. That area is going to explode in two weeks.

05-20-2001, 10:09 AM
Steve...I cound not have described it better... Thanks for hauling the yak back to the flat and thanks to Peter Gray (Solo) for hauling me back. As well to to the rest of the guys. Caught all my fish trolling in the yak... very cold and the wind picked up in the afternoon and It was good to see Bob Pink, whom I found out there despite the fact that I could not get there at 5 am. Saw Brendan O'B and his new boat. Hope he will invite me again on it during the summer. I will post reports from the clave later.