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: Southeast Cape Wade Inshore Saltwater Fly Fishing Report

05-18-2001, 02:47 PM
I was unable to fit much of my report on this page due to its length. If Juro would only give me another 30,000 character's space it might have fit. (he-he) If your
interested it can be viewed at - fishing reports. It includes-

*Outer Cape Beach Migration Tip:
(See Photo's - - Fishing Reports) Notice the dark spot in the center of each photo. That's a school of about 200 Bass.

*My good friend Bill O’Mally (See Photo) caught and released this 39-inch'a on a fly last year during the migration!. He saw it swimming in 2 feet of water on a
sunny day at high noon on an outer Cape beach.

*Chapter 1 of Flats Fishing Monomoy Island.

*Tide Forecast for the next couple weeks with my fishing predictions.

*Count Down Method: Want to increase your odds of hooking up?

*Why do I get knots in my leader and how can I straighten it?


*Cinder Worm Hatch:





*Top Fly Profiles:

*Safety First- Reminder for Yak's, Waders and other's:

Best Fish’s,
Randy Jones