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: Niantic / Gardiners Island

06-24-2002, 10:33 AM
Left at 5am out of Niantic CT with Capt. Bob Turley from Northcoast charters. Within minutes we were into 4-6lb blues lazily feeding under hundreds of terns. Picked up a fiesty one on a surface plug while my freind had a nicer one rip his jig in half. Then we headed for the flats off Gardiners Island and some lesser known flats. The fishing was superb. Pleanty of opportunities and willing fish. Even with a sloppy cast that spooked them would not deter them from turning around and charge the fly before the sea robins got to it. Loads of fun with fish between 20-30 inches with a few MONSTERS that showed interest in the fly but not at two yahoos slinging line at them. I swear one fish went 40+ easily. What a sight to see. All in all we picked 10-15 fish a piece on the flats and blew at least 50 other chances. Great day with a great freind and a great guide.