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: Second visit to South Beach

J Wee
06-24-2002, 07:29 AM
This was my second visit to South Beach since the introduction to the area by Randy Jones earlier this month. Talked the wife into spending the day on the beach while I fished. Sent her on a seal tour with OMH and now she wants to us to go back to the area more often. :D

Well, I did better during my 1st visit with professional help, but managed to connect with a few fish on my own. One schoolie landed, three blues hooked but lost: Had a feisty blue on for a bit - got it 10 ft to rod tip when it decided to go for another run and the new sinking line got tangled & clogged at the snake guides which ultimately lead to fish breaking off. All fish hooked in the early afternoon, 1-3 hours after high tide. Saw the guy next to me catch a few schoolies around this time as well. Will be back in a couple of weeks for round 3.

Got a question to Cortland fly line users:

The running line section on my new sinking line (fast sinking shooting head line from Cortland) is uncoated braided line and tangled (into an incredible mess with multiple knots) four times in a couple of hours of use. I was using a stripping basket with cones, etc. Is there a way to remedy this problem or should I get a new sinking? Advice (including recommendation for a more user-friendly sinking line) will be very much appreciated.

06-24-2002, 08:26 AM
Although the XRL shoots like a banshee, the braided R/L is a bit much for the fingers on a strong run (buzzsaw) and does tend to tangle more. I've tried both intermediate and sinking heads in that line and found the r/l too abrasive to the hands for folks although it does load quick and shoot well. No longer use the line due to this characteristic.

Cortland's QD line is a similar config and is a pleasure to fish in rips and surf but cracks and delaminates at the joint of head and r/l. Cortland promptly sends another one, but IMHO they should just fix the problem.

The Rio Deep sea has been the best long-run performer for me thus far, although the quick load and shoot of the Cortland QD is nicer it does not hold up to the test of time like the Rio. I have a prototype (pre-release) Rio that is still spankin' fish where sinking lines are called for a few years after I got it from Bill Senecal.

A clear intermediate line is much easier to use on the flats. Sinking line demands a high degree of precision in presentation and can work against you. That being said it has it's advantages as well once you "stay between the lines".

All of the above take a standard nail knot. Using a line that requires a fancy loop connector defeats the purpose of stealthy line on the flats.


Good luck out there.

J Wee
06-24-2002, 08:41 AM
I'm happy with the clear intermediate sinking line that I have, but will load my spare spool with the Rio line that you suggested. Thanks!

06-24-2002, 08:56 AM
J Wee,

I'm taking a couple of days off this week to explore South Beach for the first time. Where have you had the best luck there? I was thinking of exploring the west side flats near the southern tip. Have you had better luck on the bay side or surf side for blues?

Take it easy,


J Wee
06-24-2002, 10:02 AM
I've only fished the west/bay side, stayng in thigh/knee deep water, casting towards the channel, blind casting most of the time and occasionally casting to small schools of bluse/stripers that cruise onto the flats. On both days, I did better on the outgoing tide.

Had lunch on the ocean side and saw a few people fishing, but didn't see any caught.

Good luck.