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: Chatham- Sat AM- 6/22

06-22-2002, 10:57 AM
....Every day is different... Tide was one hour off today... but ended up with three .All mid twenties.... Got back around 9:30 to the light house.... Juro called me around 11 and asked if I was interested in going out with him and Jim W on Ton D's boat... can't. He apparently did well with those guys on the Brewster Flats this morning... Also, may pass on the all nighter since I would probably not be able to make it to work on my wife will kill me if I sleep all day on Sunday... Tomorrow the tide will be two hours or so outgoing at the light house.... will plan on going out to the breakers on that outgoing then riprider to south Beach at 8... fish ocean side at Humps then inside tthe bay on incomming...anyone game?

06-22-2002, 07:05 PM
May see you at the light in the morning - the breakers sound inviting. We'll see which way the auto pilot takes me. Had a nice morning at the aquarium two weeks ago on about the same tide so I may try that.

I'm curious. The wife will get mad if you fish all night and sleep away Sunday but won't if you hit the light and then catch Rip Ryder for a, presumably, healthy part of the day. Is that the proper interpretation? Scary, but I understand the line of thought.

06-22-2002, 08:23 PM
I just did the best impression of my son rationalizing why he needs to do something seemingly frivoluos (sp). I'll be joining you in the morning, unless you one upped me and fished tonight. In that case I'll have to find these humps myself.

06-23-2002, 09:46 AM
Not a good weekend for tides if you're sight fishing but we did manage to find some nice fish thanks to Tom Dunlap's Jones Bros Cape Fisherman. Jim Whalen and I had the pleasure of fishing from Tom's new boat. Saw Bob Pink Jr with Roop and DbleHaul, judging by the yeehahs and woohoos and bent rods I'd say they did well too. Tom, that ride is su-weet and it was a total pleasure sharing my verrsion of the Bflats "inside scoop" with you yesterday. That was some good sight fishing action, while it lasted! I'll bet that was the first time fish were busting to beat the band nearby and you didn't need to chase them because there were so many fish grubbin' eels near the boat. Go back sometime on the tides I told you about and you'll see hours of the same. Better yet bring me again :devil:

With the wind expected to flip N/NE we headed to Chatham after lunch after dropping off JimW. Talk about a dead afternoon tide! You can salvage a late outgoing minus tide on foot by picking the right pools but from the boat there was little to pick from around the tub down to the inlet. We did find a pocket where we got to cast to some invisible cows, or at least their shadows. You had to have spidey sense to pick these up on the flats. Funny thing is that these big cows were actually following a seal. Yes that's right. I thought I had seen it all last weekend when my client's 24" schoolie got sideswiped by a 45" bass, but this was yet another Monomoy marvel - seals and stripers cruising together. The spot would have gone nuclear on the right tide but right then it was pretty lame so we headed outside the inlet.

Outside the birds were whirling over big schools of bluefish chomping on acres of anchovies and sand eels. On with the wire and a constant run 'n gun action on feisty blues, all you could stand. Fun on a flyrod. The wind laid down to nothing and you could cast to flashing and cruising blues on the surface. After a lot of that action, we headed back to see if the flood started.

The tub was still empty so we decided to call it a day, cruising marker to marker we saw Todd buzzing by to start the all-night outing with a large group (can't wait to hear their reports!). Tide was flooding hard from the Nantucket Sound side at Hardings and I was tempted to ask Tom to stop, but we decided we had enough for a day. It was already like two trips in one day.

Once again, thanks Tom, and good fishing with you again Jim! I hope those GPS coords, drift vectors and presentation styles bring you many good fish in the years to come on that great new boat.