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: 6/14-21 S.E.Cape Cod fishing reports and tips:

06-21-2002, 07:28 PM
Southeast Cape Cod Inshore Wade Saltwater Fly/Spin Fishing Report's and Ramblings:

I hope you find my reports and articles entertainingly informative and mildly educational

Some of this material comes straight from my past experience as chief instructor of the Orvis 2 Ĺ day saltwater fly fishing schools. Additional material has come from first hand knowledge, gained from my many years of eating, breathing, living and loving the, New England - Cape Cod Inshore Saltwater environment. So, sit back, relax and enjoy this Truly World Class Destination Fishery!
6/21 S.E. Cape Cod Fishing Report
The wary angler in the winding brook knows the fish and where to bait his hook. (Ovid)

I'm noticing some of our Delaware - Chesapeake Bay stripers around. Each day, more and more big resident bass are arriving. Some have already become very fussy eater's. If all the pieces of the puzzle do not come completely together then it's becoming tougher to fool'm. Even when all the pieces DO come completely together they will still refuse your offering. Still some easy to catch migratory fish around and some less educated residents also.

Fishing has been red hot all week. With perfect sight fishing conditions and smok'n tides, it has made for a smorgasbord of fish, fish and more fish. Lots of big'n's around. My guest's have hooked up in every single spot we have fished all week.

Today was memorable in may ways.

Sue was learning the art of fly fishing today. She hooked into a fish and while I was coaching her on how to fight the fish. Out of know where came this big black something or other that was traveling as fast as a bullet towards her fish subsurface. Within seconds it was splashing, exploding the water in front of us and twirling around her fish 20 feet in front of us. (I almost did a do-do in my wader's.) All we could do was watch in awe. It was a 400 pound seal that had noticed her struggling fish and decided to make it it's lunch. The seal grabbed her fish and stuck it's head out of the water with the fish tightly in it's jaws, looking at us in a way to say, ha-ha. I said to Sue, lets get out of here. As I grabbed Sue by the shoulders I made sure she was between the seal and myself. (he-he)

The seal began to run and at the same time Sue looked at me with a terrified look in her eyes and asked, what do I do now! I shrugged my shoulders and suggested that she hold tight to the rod. I knew that I did not have a seal warranty. After there was about 200 yards of backing out and I noticed we were almost out of it, I started to tighten the drag. Soon there after the leader parted ways from our fish and seal. Boy, what a ride. If you ever want to test out the drag on your reel I know how. Our Orvis, Vortex, Large Arbor Reel worked like a charm. The reel was a little warm to the touch after that work out!

(See Photo's)

Sue the "Seal Slayer" is hard at work trying to land her seal. Seal won and fish lost. We both almost fell into the water laughing after it was all over.

(See Photo's)

Sue the "Seal Slayer" sight fish's, cast's, hook's, land's and releases a keeper all by herself today. First time ever!

(See Photo's)

Holy ba Jesus, what a cow. Another 36 inch'a on the fly for John. Congrats to you both!
Believe it or not, this fish ate John's fly within 2 feet of his rod tip!

6/20 S.E. Cape Cod Fishing Report
Fish come and go, but it is the memory of afternoons on the stream that endure. (E.Donnall Thomas)

Boy, talk about adult supervision! I'd call out a fish, 20 feet and they would throw it 70 feet. Then I'd call out another at 70 feet, and they would throw it 2 feet. I'd say 2 o'clock moving right and they would throw it 10'oclock left. Next thing I know I've got a fly with a very sharp point coming straight for my face on a back cast and just in the nick of time I was able to lift up my spare rod and block it, which then wrapped around it 20 times. I should charge more!! (he-he)

Actually, these gentleman had it down pat. They were getting the fly out fast, leading all the big fish by at least 20 feet and working the fly perfectly. (Working a fly properly depends on the size, species of bait you are imitating. They all have exact fleeing reactions. Knowing these exact different retrieves will help open up this wonderful word of fly-fishing.) Today, they both got their biggest fish ever in the salt. Congrats to you both!!

(See Photo's)

Mark has his hands full. (Notice how shallow he is standing? FYI-Waist deep is to deep)

(See Photo's)

Jim turn's my 2 piece into a 3 piece today. (ahemmmm) Then Jim cast his fly to a sighted striper and we all watched it open its mouth and inhale his fly 15 feet in front of us in 2 feet of crystal clear water. Then the head shakes started and a nice run followed with a lot of that orange stringy stuff heading out to sea. Turned out to be a 36 inch'a. A true Cape Cod keep'a. What a HONK"A!! After that amazing fish, I forgave him for breaking my rod. (he-he)

All fish released. The above photo's are just a sampling of what was landed today.

6/19 S.E. Cape Cod Fishing Report

(See Photo's)

John and Dad Wayland enjoyed another spectacular day of fishing together.

(See Photo's)

Tom, once again picked up a couple small ones. (he-he) Actually, these are just a few of many we landed today.
Congrats to you all!!

6/18 S.E. Cape Cod Fishing Report
Another one of those WOW days! Hit fish in 2 out of 2 places. Dont get much bett'a.

(See Photo's)

While not the biggest fish of the day, it was just as rewarding for John. All 3 of my guests today had never fished the saltwater.

(See Photo's)

Wayland was thrilled with the size of fish he was into, numbers and the beauty of the Cape Cod area.

(See Photo's)

Tom lands the biggest fish of the day at 36 inch's. The above pictures are just a sampling of the fish landed today. Congrats to you all!

6/17 S.E. Cape Cod Fishing Report

All I can say is WOW! I'll let the photo's do the talk'n!

(See Photo's)

All of the above fish were caught by sight fishing. To many fish landed today to put a number on them. I only have 21 toes and fingers and have trouble counting much higher! (he-he)

Some small fish were caught while blind casting into a channel in combination with moving water. When the water stopped, so did the catching. All Stripers equate moving water with food. One of the best times (places) to fish is when each individual type of structure is compressing-consentrating the current flow. Fish each spot when itís current is at its maximum speed and 95% of the time you will be into fish. Guaranteed

Noticed something for the first time this year on the flats. A good # of fish were not in a hurry on the flats. They would swim slower and hang around, grubbing for food. This is something you will normally see amongst the residents this time of year. Things are getting ready to blow wide open!

Moving slowly around and not wading out to far provided us with something not many people ever experience. Tailing Bass on the flats. You could see their tails flopping back and forth for balance. A slow and stealth like approach is what is needed.

6/14 S.E. Cape Cod Fishing Report
In order to catch a fish, one must first find it. Unfortunately, the fish's job, first and foremost, is to avoid detection, so the fisherman finds himself locked in a timeless game of hide and seek with his prey. The unending war of wits versus instinct: the battle between fisherman and fish. (The fisherman's book of wisdom)

Today started with a nice fast dropping tide. My friends had hit 5 keepers yesterday at this same spot and at the same stage of tide. But today we came up empty after about 30 minutes of trying. In this amount of time, I knew they were not around today, or at least not in any big numbers, so we left for greener pastures.

At dead low we walked to the next structure and we counted (sight fished) about 150 fish on the flat. Even though it was cloudy and foggy I could still see them with the use of the ladder. We landed a good number of schoolies but just could not get the bigger fish to take.

As the tide turned we walked to another fishy location and started to blind cast. It wasn't long before Matt's reel began to sing. He landed the below 27 incher.

Looked at my watch and decided it was time to hit another spot at it's optimum tidal flow. It did not take long for the first rod to bend. Since I only had one guest with me today and he had his casting down, was into fish, he invited me to fish with him. How could I resist. It was not long before my rod arched and that memorable feeling of something tugging on the other end returned. We watched a couple of terns studying the water in front of us and paid attention to there subtle clues on where the fish were at. It paid off with a number of beauties coming to hand, including Matt's below 29 incher. I know I had bigger on, but I ended up dropping them. I guess I just didn't have a good hook in'm.

An observant angler with a questionable look on his face watched me hook into a fish from the beach and asked if I had just hooked up by not retrieving any line at all?? I explained that what I did was a dead drift in the current with no retrieve. I answered honestly, but did not want to go into details as to what I was doing . It is a type of a retrieve (or no retrieve) that I rarely, if ever, see done by any other anglers I see fishing. Sometimes this is the ONLY way to hook'm. Sorry, I cant share with you ALL my secret's. (he-he)

Stay tuned for more important lessons learned on this never-ending virtual fishing trip with your host Randy "The Yankee Angler" and friends.


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