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06-20-2002, 02:25 PM
Two ways to block peripheral light - wrap around the orbital socket or fit inside it! It dawned on me while laughing at my world-class racoon tan in the mirror that maybe, just maybe those little oval lenses would fit inside the general orbital region formed by the orbital bone (eyebrow), cheek, etc.

So I ordered myself a couple of moderately priced little bitties with titanium frames, polarized polycarbs by Nikon in a bargain shopping site for discontinued items. Eye thongs. :hehe:

I'll let you know if the idea pans out, but in any case I should have smaller racoon eyes in the future.

Next step would be polarized contacts, but that could look a little creepy :eyecrazy:

06-20-2002, 03:53 PM
So, should I be diggin out my John Lennon glasses?

On second thoughts I dont think they are polaroids - but they would look way cool! :D

06-25-2002, 09:13 AM
Just finished a class that included a bunch of time on the biological effects of UV on the eye. Made sense once I heard it- that significant amounts of UV can enter from the area that isn't covered by wraps or sideshields. Maybe racoon eyes aren't that bad a tradeoff :D Juro, I'd be interested in what your bro thinks about this one......

06-25-2002, 11:19 AM
Marvin -

As usual, thanks for the safety consultation. I received the two pairs of Lennon shades last night and tried them on, and I reached the same conclusion. Not enough peripheral shading to them. They are going back and my $$ will go to Action Optics. I recently had a great conversation with Peter Crow of Action Optics who has a lot of insight into eyesight, very impressive.

I am doomed to a major racoon tan forever! After a dozen or so wade trips, mine usually border on the hideous. I mean having co-workers doing the two fingered eye swipe ala B-52's as I come in to work hideous. I mean Hopi Indian chief, just left the coal mines, hideous. ;)

Funny thing happened the other day while shopping for sandwich supplies at the all-night grocer before my last charter - another racoon dude was coming down the aisle buying stuff for his next outing and we immediately broke out in a conversation about how good the sight fishing has been was based on the giveaway ID! I just had to laugh.

I was in the sunglass hut trying on shades the other day and the kid asked if I drove a racecar. I asked why he thought that and he said I looked like I was wearing goggles a lot. wunderful :rolleyes:

Well, keep an eye out on the left side icons, I am going to make a racoon tan smiley. ;)

08-06-2002, 05:31 PM
Had an interesting conversation with my Optometrist about sun glasses, UV, and macular degeneration.

First off, MD is bad news. It means the retina is deteriorating and you will eventually become blind! It usually starts out as a defective spot on the retina which results in a void ( a black spot) in the center of your vision. As the desease progresses, the spot gets larger and eventually you are left with only periferal vision.

Sound bad? You bet! Big time!

O.K. There are two types of MD. Dry and wet. Dry type is due to the effects of UV and fair skinned, blue eyed people are the most vulnerable. (Sorry Blonde, but that's the way it is):( The best prevention is to ALWAYS wear good (sun) glasses when you go outside during daylight, overcast or not.

Now, the definition of "good" glasses are as follows:

All glass will filter 100% of the ultra vioilet spectrum.
Polycarbonate lenses will also filter out 100% of the UV spectrum.
CR39 and Acetate, (less expensive plastics) will only filter out UV [B]if[B/] a special UV coating has been applied.
So, even if you are driving your car and not wearing glasses of any kind, you are protected. It does not matter if the glass(es) are polarized, tinted, or what color tint has been applied.

The wet type MD is caused by insuffient blood flow thru the retina.The retina is a delicate, multilayered, light-sensitive membrane lining the inner eyeball and connected by the optic nerve to the brain. Delicate as like a thick cobweb! This type of MD is usually the result of other problems such as diabetes, alchohol, drug abuse or [B]smoking[B/].:whoa: Anything that leads to *ucking up your arteries.

Take care of yourself folks! Life, as we know it, will not exist if we lose our sight. Maybe "racoon eyes" ain't so bad after all.

Polarized contacts? I could go for that.:eyecrazy:

><///('> JD

08-09-2002, 09:32 PM
I spent some time today on the phone with the lady at AO who handles prescriptions and she assured me that the CR39 "plastic" is actually better than polycarb - closer to glass in optical quality.
They also coat the lenses.

08-10-2002, 07:21 AM
Polarized contacts won't offer much protection from an errant cast!

How 'bout wearing the "John Lennons" during those seaside naps or other non-fishing times to try to even out the color. Or start using SPF 45 on the rest of your face and/or that "tan-in-a-tube" stuff around your eyes?