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: 1st Rod, need help picking blank

06-19-2002, 11:34 AM
I know what I want for a finished product. I want a rod with moderate to fast action, high modulus, 4 weight two piece rod. I also am only looking to spend no more than $125 on the blank.

Right now I have it narrowed down to the following four. I have placed them in the order I have ranked them from the limited knowledge I have. Any advice on them or others I should consider?

G Loomis GL3 - model F1084
Hook & Hackle XT51 - model HX864FB
St. Croix SCIII - model 3F864
Pacific Bay Professional Series - model PRF904B


06-19-2002, 02:52 PM
I built a 3-wt. 2-piece earlier this year on one of St. Croix's Legend Ultra blanks (gen 3); love it! Very smooth, fast action, and looks quite nice with green wraps. Paid $60 for the blank at a dealer closeout.


06-19-2002, 02:56 PM
I just finished a 7 wt. St. Croix UL. It's a pretty fast rod for the cost. ~$100 for the blank.

06-19-2002, 05:18 PM
2 votes for the cheepest rod in the bunch.

I specked out the G Loomis and this is what I got so far,

9" custom handle
black rubber winding check
Gold size 12 Hopkins & Holloway Stripping guide (the one used on Sage factory models)
Gold snake stripper guides for the rest (9)
Gold Tip-top
Gold Double hook-keepers
Black Silk thread
Struible Uplocking Standard reel seat in Anodized black finish and Cocobolo wood insert.

All of this on the G Loomis that is a Glossy Mahogany finish.

Using the Plufeger Supreme Fly Reel (1834) - Gold plate - just to keep the look consistent.

on a quick run down of the prices I saw, it would cost me about $228.50 for the whole thing (rod/reel/line) and if it looks 1/2 as good as it sounds, it will be very eye catching :hehe:

From what I saw for specs on the blank, it should be a nice casting rod also... Going to see what I can come up with for the other three as 'package deals' and see what I like best.

I an going to spec out the St Croix next since it got two props in here.

06-21-2002, 02:46 PM
I am going with the St. Croix rod with the above components I was considering for the Loomis. Once I quit my job I will be getting the stuff ordered.

Wish me luck, I will update the Rod Rack info once I get going!

Nooksack Mac
06-21-2002, 04:54 PM
A few years ago I built a rod on the St. Croix SC-IV 9-foot, 4-weight blank, which now retails for $99. It's a delight, light and lively, fast action; and as a bonus, it also does well with 3 and 5-weight lines.