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: Awesome Outing!

06-18-2002, 06:18 PM
Finally the crappy cold weather broke and good thing too... I was host to a guy who kicks butt in corporate america as well as the woods and stream. How many exec's do you know who get an 800# moose, 10 pt buck, and a fish like this? (see below)

Bill, who works with Jim took the early lead with a Portugal express on the outside that ran him into the part of the backing that never sees daylight. That fish won it's freedom, but soon the fireworks were about to begin on the inside.

Bill's first fish sighting (within reach) produced a legal fish (low 30"s), followed by Jim's first sighting and the monster fish below, #1 and #2 of a series of big fish hookups with only a couple of schoolies mixed in over the course of the day. My count was 9 legals between the two, and several lost.

If not for the 15-20 mph headwinds, we would've done double that easily - but you take the hand you are dealt and make good. We had sun, fish, and a day off - and I guess it's true you can't have everything!

Soon Jim and Bill were more than self-sufficient, stalking and hooking big cruisers on their own using the tricks they just learned. One great aspect of wade trips is that you can use what you learned anytime. Of course a boat provides much more coverage, each has it's good points, which reminds me...

We lucked into a bonus round when I called Capt. Todd Murphy for a ride back after he got done. That gave us some extra time and he even brought us along on a scouting run after he dropped off his clients and found a horde of fish further down the inlet. Not being the type to waste opportunity, Jim and Bill were treated to an extra inning of striper sight fishing from the deck of the Hewes flats boat before we all called it a banner day.

I've got my fingers crossed for more days like this!

06-18-2002, 10:12 PM
Way to go guys, I had a feeling you'd have a great day!

Juro -- your fly tying skills and words of wisdom helped me as well. I managed to get a few over on south beach and one more on Morris Island after I got back (it was too early to quit :cool: ). Three were over 25" and the best was a chunky 30"er :D .


06-19-2002, 07:04 AM
Sounds like a great day. Wish I wasn't in the office! Glad the weather finally broke for you.