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06-16-2002, 06:49 AM
Well, sometimes you take what you can get and it works out.

Dan Dougherty, "Mr.Lucky" as the Boston Chapter CCA calls him, ended up with a number of prizes for his generosity to the CCA. One was a wade trip with me. When I woke up yesterday, I called to cancel the outing due to horizontal rain, gusts to 25 mph, dark looming skies and the leaves turned inside out on the swaying trees. Luckily his phone was off.

We met at the Chatham Village Coffee shop and I introduced about the only viable option under the circumstances. The shuttles to the area were cancelled due to weather. We would have to make a four mile walk in crap weather to access the only sheltered and accessible area of the refuge. He was totally up for it, and off we went with full raingear zipped tight.

We walked about 2 miles and stopped at a sweet spot on the surf before we crossed over. Dan hooked up with a frieght train that went in the 35" range. This fish took so much backing that the fly line seemed to be a long lost memory. It won it's freedom after a long fight and we crossed over from the surf into the tub.

Working down toward the southern flats, we stopped on a flat that had been clammed that day to see what we could see. The rain stopped but the skies were still dim and it took excruciating effort to even presume there were fish. Suddenly a group of gray forms shifted from where it was. I saw gaps between the shapes, moving... yes, they were fish! I told Dan 7 o'clock, go, go! He placed a perfect cast on faith. Wait.... wait... now strip... strip, strip... BANG! A racing keeper in full bodied beer keg summer form ripped the line from the reel, churning up the flat. The first fish measured in at 32.5", a perfect fish. He gently released the fish and we moved on to see if we could find a flat where he too could see the fish. That was his first flats cast!

As we walked along eating our sandwiches (we got started just before noon) three cows appeared from nowhere. I pointed them out and this time Dan saw them too, and placed the fly perfectly but it did not get into the zone quickly enough and the fish passed on it. They were so large I said "worth chasing, let's go" and we ran up the hard sand to reposition further up the bank. We stopped on a whim and sure enough they appeared within 10 seconds of our stopping. Another shot but to no avail, we laughed and moved onto the next flat.

There the fish were coming from both directions. One came straight in as if it were going to hit us. I spotted it and said fish coming straight in! He aquired the target and placed a cast. Too short, cast again - too long. He repositioned it by stripping as the big fish started to swim off. Strip! The fish stopped. Strip again! The fish turned broadside. Strip! The fish rushed over an inhaled the fly, just like watching an aquarium! Dan hooked the third consecutive keeper on a day we thought was a wash.

We got to a nice rip where blind casting put another 33" on the books and several fat sublegals. We continued down until the party he was attending with his wife was starting to get threatened, and walked the 4 miles back to the light.

All in all, a great day salvaged by a will to work for it. Dan is an exceptional caster and tireless hiker and I couldn't have been more pleased to donate this trip to the CCA with him. For those who were at the banquet, you know he won a slew of prizes. After fishing with him, I can attest... Dan is definitely a winner!

06-16-2002, 10:53 PM
Incredible! That's one salvaged day.. Excellent.

06-17-2002, 06:25 AM
See, These CCA guys can fish too!

06-17-2002, 07:49 AM
Hey J,

As I watched the boats leave I was blind casting into the shallows off the point.

ME: Hmm... what the heck is that?

(fish) what the heck is that?

ME; could that be a striper? It looks more like a log!

(fish) what the heck is that?


(fish) HA! See ya!

Thanks to the Esteys for my deliverance from hypothermia & the ride in!!