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: Norwalk Report

06-14-2002, 08:42 AM
Got out last evening for a couple of hours and headed to one of my favorite spots. The tide was right, pleanty of cloud cover and bait, what does this mean?? Tough fishing. I say it was tough because although I saw 28+ fish tailing on the flat with one other angler out there who politely advised me of their location ( read Randy Jones post on how much room do you give another angler ). After discussing the proper distance and area in which I should walk as not to spook them I managed only to pick up a feisty Sea Robin. Even though I did not hook up with a Stripe it was educational as well as frustrating. Watching fish tail and root around like Redfish in ankle deep water is beyond exciting!! I would of liked to hook up but sometimes its just as fun to watch and speculate why these fish are here and how one can catch them the next time. I chalk the night up to a learning experience in where I got a better understanding of the flat and its bars and channels. I will be back soon and the next time I will be just a little bit wiser.