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: Techniques??

06-11-2002, 04:20 PM
Their are many techniques for fishing for the elusive steelhead in the Great Lakes, as well as the west coast. I am the person who fishes runs primarly. I try to keep away from fishing the elusive redd. I am not saying fishing redds are unethical. I usually use a 10' 8wt. With a good floating line(rio steelhead/atlantic salmon, airflo, etc) it all depends on your prefernce. Another effective way is using a 300, 400 grain sink tip line swinging speys. This can be accomplished on a 9- 15ft rod. Again all your preference. Im not going into chuck and duck because it could start an arguement. I do not like throwing sinking lines in rivers because it puts to much drag into the line, therefore your arm gets a painful workout from mending every 2 seconds. I feel fishing an indicator line is best used for drifting nymphs and eggs. If you are a spey addict stick with the sink tip or full sinking. I'll say it again, your techniques should be based on what is comfortable for you. I believe 75% of catching fish is based on confidence alone. You have to believe in what your doing or it will never work. Just helping those who don't know which one to choose.

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Drew Peklo

06-11-2002, 09:32 PM
Basically all sink tip lines, spey and single handers 7 - 9 weights, 9 foot to 13 foot rods.

Mostly nymph.streamer and spey flies are used.

Did C+D for first 5 years fishing michigan, learned how and where they were, and reverted back to purist fly fishing techniques the last 15 years.

BTW, any one ever caught a summer run on a dry ? I won't even ask about winter runs. Read a Dave Richey article recently who has been fly fishing since the 1970s for great lakes steelhead said he has never caught one on a dry fly in all those years of guiding and fishing through out Michigan.

Very low probability of success in my opinion.