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05-11-2001, 11:04 AM

Oh, What A Beautiful Morning!

Up at (what is that phrase) O'Dark-Thirty and on the road at 4:15, arriving at PI at 5:15 (SSully wasn't kidding, nice slalom course in Newburyport).

Was windy when I got there, so fished the old fashioned way with a green/white bucktail jig. Dead. Nothing. Nada. Bubkis. Sure was nice out though!

Over the course of the next 2 hours, worked my way up to the south Jetty, not a thing.

For yucks, switch to a Yozuri plug I had handy that I bought down in Jersey and caught lots of Weaks on. Crossed over the front of the jetty and fished the ocean side. TONS of oak leaves decomposing in the water - along with brown seaweed. Kept casting and got stuck on a really heavy mass of ... moving seaweed. Wait a second.... SEAWEED DOESN'T MOVE!!! ;-)

Pull in a nice PHAT mid twenty-something! STRONG! I lost my grip on his lip in the shallows and before I could help him back out he was swimming literally in the sand back into the water. Fish was heavy!

So I stayed there looking for more vibrant seaweed. Cast again, slow retrieve, BAM! Rod doubles over - I got something big on, line is peeling off so I tighten drag to avoid losing it off my barbless single treble. Starts taking off down the beach away from the jetty and I have to race walk to keep up while reeling cuz he's running INTO THE BEACH! I reel with each wave to avoid undo torture and there it is at my feet... first keeper (by last years limits yet)!

Hook was barely in too, caught on the outside of the corner of the jaw. Probably swiped the side of the plug. Easy out and I got to release it and notice some line wrapped around my foot and it's not the same as my green line. Someone gut hooked this one recently - bright shiny swivel still on the line and hook WAY down, couldn't even see it. So i clipped the line as far down his throat as I could and released it and it swam away like a bullet. Wondering if I did the right thing though, but I keep hearing about how they can often survive gut hooking. Hope I helped.

After that I lost 1 medium size close to the beach and one MONSTER that I didn't get to see (in my haste to help that other fish, I laid my Shimano in the sand and the anti-reverse stopped working so when I was taken by surprised by the surge of this brute, the reel just started going backwards when I let go to get a better grip on the rod. RATS!)

Fished all the way back to the sandbar which was now totally exposed with several guys doing business.

Met up with my bud who began the "Where the HELL HAVE YOU BEEN!" shpiel since he just caught his 54th schoolie on a series of clousers.

"Sorry, I was busy." ;-)

05-11-2001, 11:36 AM
I am drooling. I nearly shorted-out my keyboard.

05-11-2001, 01:09 PM
Mike ,you starting to sound better than Graintland Rice as a sport action writer. Great report.

Norm M
05-11-2001, 01:16 PM
Boy did I go to the wrong end of the Island! Sandy Point had no activity at all.

05-11-2001, 09:45 PM
Sounds like you had some fun this am! One question, what's a yuzori look like? What color is it, and what fly would you recommend that I tie to scoooore on the 9wt next week before work?

thanks in advance

05-12-2001, 07:20 AM
juro (05-11-2001 10:45 p.m.):
Sounds like you had some fun this am! One question, what's a yuzori look like? What color is it, and what fly would you recommend that I tie to scoooore on the 9wt next week before work?

thanks in advance

Yeap, same thought I had while driving to work after. Yozuri is a manufacturer of very realistic looking lures ( http://www.yo-zuri.com - but it seems they are reworking the site just now).

Mine was a mack pattern with a orange/yellow belly. I've seen some Rays flies alot like it - maybe top one off with one of those mack pattern feathers?

Here a picture:


I removed the front treble and barbs on tail. Would not put much weight on it, this lure rides about 6" under the surface.

My bud was catching the small ones on a 1/2 olive/white clouser. I suspect the bigger fish I was catching on the ocean side were having Mac Attacks that morning.

I think it's worth noting that while retrieving at one point I snagged what I thought was a tiny sand eel, but someone on FFSW mentioned that it was a juvy herring. Sure looked alot like a sand eel at the front, but the body was transparent with a dark body outline and bright silver belly. Yellow eyes.

05-13-2001, 04:01 PM
Strange, the picture comes up in IE but not Netscape? Dunno whassup whiddat...

05-14-2001, 08:23 AM
Thanks just the same, but we're doing just fine with the flies ;D

05-14-2001, 10:43 AM
Okay, well, maybe someone else will benefit from the effort?

Going to try tying a fly pattern using orange angel hair for a belly and mackeral pattern feather on top. It'll be fun at least tying an imitation of an imitation!