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: 6/7 S.E. Cape Fishing Report

06-07-2002, 04:36 PM
6/7 S.E. Cape Fishing Report:
Teach a man to fish and all he will do is sit in a boat and drink beer all day. (J.T.)

Writing these reports can at times be a two edge sword. They are fun to write after a great day of fishing but when you have a slowwwww day you have to relive the whole thing. (he-he)

Today Chad and I only hit 2 fish and he could reeeeeeelly cast. He even invited me to fish with him and I had a hard time finding them. The fish were either tight lip'd, spooked or just not there. ( I think the later) Did notice a good number of seals working unusually, very close to shore and saw one chasing stripers up unto the shallow sand. Heard about 1,000 seals moved into South Beach area yesterday. Could not find a blue. We worked over a very large area covering fast moving water channels, holes, rips, etc..All the same area's that myself and friends were doing great in recently. All I can figure is this storm with high winds out of the N.E. could of shut them down. Pushing the warmer water out along with the bait. It seems those micro bass have left. Cant say I blame them with all the Blues around.

I am often asked, “Why are they so spooky when they are on the flats”

Well, like any fish they all feel most comfortable when they have a safe-quick exit to deeper water, blend in with their surroundings (eel grass) or are in deeper water. None of which most fish feel they have on a sand flat. In addition these fish are continually being educated each day they come in contact with-- to heavy pound test mono, wrong flies, scent of your bug dope or sunscreen on your fly, lining fish, making noise, running your boat over there heads, standing where you should be fishing, etc…
My normal response to this question is to pretend you are walking down main street with nothing on. Wouldn’t you feel a little uncomfortable? I know most of you would. That’s exactly how they feel when running into the shallows in gin clear water, light colored sand searching out their next meal.
Keeping in mind these fish have a brain the size of a pea, you would think they would be pretty easy to catch. But remember we are in their environment. Sight fishing is similar to hunting deer or turkey. The amount of noise generated by you, other anglers or boats means one thing - NO FISH on the flat or at least spooky fish who are less apt to eat. Even the water lapping on the underside of your basket will spook fish. Stand completely still or when walking move slowly. Stay as far away from other anglers and boats that may not be trying to blend in with the sites and sounds of the natural saltwater environments as you are.

Hope you all have a great weekend!

Best Fish's,

Randy Jones

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