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06-06-2002, 07:08 AM
Ok guys. I have joined the digital camera world. On the rare chance that I find myself hooked up with a fish that is worth photographing, or tie a fly that actually looks like a fly, I may wish to post said photo. I'm looking for advise on software. The camera came with the minimum. Remember, I'm a computer idiot. Looking for something that is idiot proof. I know this is a tall order. Every time they make something idiot proof, someone turns arround and makes a better idiot.;) That would be me.:)

Bob Munoz
06-06-2002, 09:45 AM
Hi Jimmy,

There are lots of computer experts on the board. Not being one, I'm always looking for the path of least resistance. I've been playing with Paint Shop Pro for image manipulation. Best part - you can download a free trial version to get your feet wet.

Good luck,

06-06-2002, 10:27 AM
Jimmy -- Congrats on stepping into the digital age! Gotta get with it myself one of these days. What type of camera did you get?

As for the photo editing software, I'm not sure if I can help you with that because I don't know what the camera's features or software will do for you.

Basically (very basically), this is what you need to accomplish:

1) Take a photo.
2) Upload (download?) the photo to your computer.
3) Edit the photo if necessary to get it to a size and resolution suitable for displaying on the site.
4) Decide whether you want to "attach" the photo to your message, or upload the photo to your own web space and use the IMG code to make it appear in your message (see notes below).
5) If you want to use the IMG code, then you will first need to upload your photo to your web space.
6) Compose the message and either attach the file by entering the file location (where the photo lives on your computer) into the "attach file" box, or include the IMG code with the web address for your photo (where the photo lives in cyberspace).
7) Submit the message!

"Attaching" the photo places the image on the Forum's server. This uses up server space so you should keep the photo's file size to a minimum. There are limits, but you don't have to use the maximum! Attaching a file also makes the image more "permanent" and is good for things like fly archives. Attaching the file will place the photo at the end of the message only. If you "preview" the message you will not see your photo and you will have to enter the file location again before clicking "submit". You can not attach a file when editing a message (the "attach file" box doesn't appear when you edit the message) so if you goof up you will need to delete the message and start over.

Using the IMG code doesn't use up space on the Forum's server. It tells the viewer's web browser to get the photo from your web space. If you remove the photo from your web space it will no longer appear in the message. Using the IMG code allows you to place the photo anywhere in your message. It will also show the photo if you "preview" the message and you will not have to re-enter the info before you click "submit". You can add the IMG code even when you edit the message so if you goof up you can fix it without starting over. Using the IMG code is a better way to post larger files, but you should be considerate of other users. They will have to wait for the image to appear and this can take a while if the file is large. If the image dimensions are too large then your message, and all responses, will go "off the page" and you will need to scroll back and forth to read the message. This is very annoying (to me anyway!). If you want to post a really large file, then it is better to just post the link (type the web address of the photo but don't use the IMG code) and the readers can click on the link to see the photo if they want instead of having it forced down their modems.

Hope this helps!


John Desjardins
06-06-2002, 11:21 AM
I went through this about a year ago for work and through trial and error ended up with the full blown version of Adobe Photoshop. This is for the job though. I did try their light version, called Photoshop LE, and it would do everything I needed for personal and 98% of work use. It is not idiot proof though.

When looking at features the following are what I've found needs to be done most often to pictures.

Adjust colors
Change image size (# of pixels) and/or the # of pixels/inch
Rotate the picture
Adjust contrast
Crop the picture
Compress the image when saving (a preview or save for web helps here)