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: A weekend of firsts...

06-05-2002, 10:45 PM
Enjoyed a great time on the Cape this past weekend.

In anticipation of our upcoming Big Brother event, I decided to celebrate fathers day a little bit early with my father this year. Treated him to his first ever outing. A special thanks to Todd Murphy for making it a successful one. Fortunately the weather cooperated (for the most part) on Friday. Bright skies provided for a beautiful day on the water. And while the wind prevented a thorough introduction to flycasting, it did not prevent us from getting my father hooked up with his first ever fish.
We fished rips, coves, and flats...all with action. It goes without saying, fishing with Todd for the first time was a great pleasure; I only wish I could do it once a week. I learned a lot and can't wait to get out with him again. I highly recommend it.

After 12 hours of fishing Fri, under the mask of darkness, I decided to hit a spit just behind our accomodations along Pleasant Bay. Looked too fishy to pass up, no matter how tired I was. First cast and I was hooked up. Then just as quickly...POP...POP. Broke my brand friggin' new rod and snapped my line - not my leader - my line. Turned it into confetti. Felt like a seal, but I've never seen one that far up inside. After much thinking, I believe it was Lochness...or possible Catfish Hunter. Either way, I know where he/she/it lives and, needless to say, I will return. Having the first ever 9ft 20wt rod made up as we speak.

Saturday, had the pleasure of Sean's company. Spent the morning out on Nauset. Beautiful but windy again. Doing our best at this point to evade blues...but to no avail. Lunch, and then off to walk along the inside of the bathub. Wind ridiculous at this point. Of course, this is when my father and I departed and when Sean went on to catch his first 40+ inch striper. Not all was lost, however, as my father (at this point long sold on the Cape) asked to be toured around Chatham and Orleans to look for property/houses for sale (see Jeff's fingers crossed here). After dinner, I met up with Doogue to see if Lochness was still biting; unfortunately, tide was too low.

Sunday, the thunderstorms rolled in, so we started heading off the island a little earlier than hoped. Fishing in between the dark clouds, we were able to squeeze in one final casting lesson and a handful of mini-schoolies before calling it a weekend.

All in all, a great time.

06-07-2002, 08:40 PM
I just wanted to thank you formally for letting me hitch a ride out to Nauset with you. I had a great time meeting your father and only wish we could have gotten him hooked up to a nice bass on South Beach. It sounds like he may become more of a regular if things go your way. Looking forward to seeing you and Doogue tomorrow. I also never had a chance to thank you for posting the picture of me walking back to the car after our first outing at Nauset. I took the opportunity to set it up as my background and am constantly reminded of the great times we have had and the friendship we are building.