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: Honey/platinum blonde

Dble Haul
06-04-2002, 07:37 PM
This is the fly that I entered into the saltwater swap.

Honey / Platinum Blonde

This is a fly type that was developed by the late Joe Brooks. It has appeal for all types of saltwater gamefish, particularly when they are in relatively shallow water. The tail is tied in at the bend of the hook and adds length to the fly, but also helps to prevent the wing from fouling around the hook. The wing is tied in at the eye of the hook and cocked slightly upwards, giving the fly depth in the vertical dimension.

Hook: Stainless 2XL streamer, size 2 to 3/0 (here, a size 2)
Thread: Yellow 3/0 Monocord
Tail: White bucktail
Flash: A few strands of pearl Flashabou
Body: Silver mylar
Wing: Yellow bucktail

1. Secure the hook in the vise and start the thread behind the eye. Wind an even layer of thread down to the bend of the hook and about half way back.

2. Select a sparse bunch of white bucktail for the tail. It extends about one and a half to two times the length of the shank beyond the bend of the hook, and should be secured on the hook up to about one third behind the hook eye. The base of this tail clump will be used to create the incline of the wing. Secure the tail fibers in place by winding from the base of the clump down to the hook bend and back again. This will create a smooth, even base for the mylar.

3. Add about half a dozen strands of Flashabou, layering them so that they extend just beyond the tail.

4. Tie in the mylar just ahead of the base of the tail. Wind it evenly to the hook bend and back, then tie it off and trim the excess. Each successive wrap should cover a part of the preceding wrap. This will ensure a smooth body.

5. Select a sparse bunch of yellow bucktail for the wing. Traditionally, the recipe calls for the wing to extend to the same length as the tail, but I prefer to shorten it up just slightly so that the pulsing during retrieval of the fly is more pronounced. Once the wing length is determined, tie it in with several secure thread wraps.

6. Build up a thread head and whip finish. A dab of Softex or Zap-a-Gap seals the deal.

7. Add water and enjoy!