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: 6/2 S.E. Cape Stuff, Im tired.

06-02-2002, 05:56 PM
6/2 Fishing Report and Ramblings:

John and Mike were out with me today. This was John's first time with a fly rod. We spent most of day covering basic, foundational fly casting technique, presentation, bait and the flies we use to imitate, habitat, fish fighting techniques and a whole lot more. Mike on the other hand is a seasoned pro. (Ahheeeemmmm)- he-he)

The day started with us walking slowly up to an area I figured we would spot some fish in the shallows, on the dropping tide. Sure enough, there they were. They had been in here the last 2 days straight. They swam towards us in a foot of water with more coming behind them. Mike through my usual 4 inch sand lance pattern at them and they were very interested in it. They would follow it closely for about 15 feet before refusing it. We stayed with the same pattern but went smaller to about 2 inch's. Worked like a charm. (See yesterdays photo of sand lance) We picked up a few and then left for another area that would have a concentrated, compressed water flow-current moving through it. This moving water normally causes the fish to either set-up in the current and feed or swim into the current and feed. This spot had been producing, but not today. Finally the sun showed up so we headed off to the flats to do some sight fishing.

No sooner had we stacked the line in our baskets, pulled 20 feet of line outside of the rod tip and held the fly in our left hand did we spot the first fish. FISH, 100 feet and closing, straight at you. First cast was to far off to the side so Mike re-cast at it as it swam by him. He put it about 5 feet in front of the fish. It charged the fly and before Mike could even get his first strip in, I watched it open it's mouth and inhale his fly deep. Fish ON! The fish went into his backing and put up a gallant fight.

(see photos)
The fight is on. Notice how shallow Mike is standing?. Maybe knee deep water. The fish was sighted in the same depth.

(see photos)
A nice freshy. 30 inch's by my measurements. Congrats!
(see photos)

Fished released, so that another lucky angler (maybe you?) can enjoy the fun and excitement of this great fishery. Who knows, maybe your children will be catching it's off spring in years to come. The way I was taught to release a good striper was to hold it by the lower jaw. When it starts to suck on your thumb, like a baby, it is ok to release it, but not before.

(see photos)
Our friends the Sea Gulls are busy tending to there eggs. Wont be long before the babies will hatch. Then we can all enjoy them dive bombing our heads as we walk down the beach. Last year I had one take a dump on my head. (he-he)

A Stranger I met on the beach wrote:
Although I'm too strapped to hire a guide, I thought I would try my luck at sight fishing for bass on the Cape. On one foray, I bumped into this guy standing on a step ladder. He had two people standing next to him that I guessed were his sports so I moved because I knew those guys were spending their hard earned money on a guide. Man that guide was working hard, was not fishing and was completely in touch with his
clients. I watched from a distance as they landed fish after fish, all big mind you, and learned a lot from seeing the stripping and casting techniques they were using. Later in the day I learned this guide was Randy Jones.
I met Randy and he actually answered some questions without blowing me off. For a guy who likes to poke fun, I think I would actually invest some $$$ in him just to gain much needed knowledge. It's time to start saving for my real fishing investment. Knowledge!
Phil Sheffield

Phil, Thanks for your kind and generous words! I'm happy a couple of my tips worked for you. You have made my day!

Randy Jones
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