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: Bayside Flats "Team Building"

06-02-2002, 05:10 PM
At my dot-com dayjob, we work our knuckles raw (in a software kind of way). We have been talking about doing a group outing for a long time, and I was able to sway the usual golf thing to a striper fishing direction, now I only needed to make good on that hype. With weekend obligations nixing the chance of a sat/sun fling and a "put-your-money-where-your-mouth-is" attitude growing among the group, we decided to take a floating holiday and convene on the bayside flats despite warnings of thuderstorms and the like.

Seven co-workers who were more used to sitting around a table staring at powerpoint got to enjoy a radically different visual display as the weather held off all morning and the flats stayed bright.

We got off to a bit of a slow start, with me suddenly feeling like a cheerleader as I stood on the bow recon'ing every horseshoe crab or rock, wanting to say "there!". I could just feel the peer pressure, not to mention the trademark "get-to-the-pointism" of the three directors on board.

We came upon moving clouds of YOY herring, which gave me something to point out. Luckily, they soon got sprayed into the air as a pack of stripers encroached. My boss was first to spot a shadow darting under the boat. Soon the first cast was made, and soon our admin was fast into a schoolie. We got the skunk off and decided to head out for a long 2 mile run over skinny water which I love to do when fishing this tide.

What we saw for the next two hours blew everyone away. Literally hundreds, maybe a thousand bass of every denomination came in pods of 5 to 150 as we drifted across the flat. The first keeper on a fly came to our resident marketing director, which was measured and handled by our director of development. The group decided it would make a fine shore lunch and we voted to keep it. As he carefully brought it about to place it on ice, the fish thrashed and slid back into the water - it was a classic moment, when the entire group looked down the deck at him shurgging his shoulders! Oh well, I was relieved knowing I would gut and fillet the fish for the grill. Just as well for me :devil:

We only fished for a couple of hours but during that time everyone caught fish and were unanimously amazed with the hordes of fish that came over the flats under perfect light conditions.

I think from now on when I come back on Mondays with that racoon tan and those far-away eyes from a good weekend on the Cape, they will think a little differently about where I have been - not somewhere so foreign or exotic, but somewhere they have been, and perhaps would like to go again.

It was great sharing that experience with people I spend so much time with. Now with such a positive experience in the logs, on to my next and most important conquest - my wife :) (wish me luck!)