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: 5/31 S.E. Cape Cod Wade, Flies and LIES (he-he)

05-31-2002, 06:12 PM
5/31 Fishing Report and Ramblings:

If this pursuit were totally predictable, it wouldn't be interesting. "Doctor Striper"

Today was a day that will not soon be forgotten. We hit fish in 3 out of 4 spots. We only did a small amount of blind casting, the rest was all sight fishing.

Peter could cast a line like no one else I've ever seen before. But boy, did he suck at seeing fish! Every Horseshoe crab within a mile radius was a fish to him. Even when 100 fish were with in a 100 feet in 2 feet of water he could not see them. I think Ray Charles could of seen'm better!

(see photo's)

In this shot (Peter) we were fishing a small tidal pond that had a large number of Bass in it. It was so shallow we had to knell down after presenting the fly and fight them. We were concerned about spooking the rest of the fish that were in 2 1/2 feet of water.

(see photo's)

Peter and Bob with a couple of bass we picked up while sight fishing. These fish were all flashing under the surface. (This is an indication of fish feeding) The water was ripping which normally turns on the fish's feeding light switch and causes them to hit a fly with out a close inspection for realism. Could not believe the number and size of fish. The biggest was lost and many more were cast at. Some were being fussy. We had fish coming at us from the right, left, behind and straight at us. (My neck hurts!) Congrats to you both!

I keep reading your reports and of course ramblings, and I think of the day
my wife and I spent on the flats fishing, I mean catching. What a great
day! Then I read your words on the fog. I remember when I headed out on my
own the day after I fished with you to the very spot I was the day before.
Well the fog rolled in and to say the least I was on the flat, by myself in
the middle of the fog. Did I mention that I did not have a compass with me?
What a horrible feeling!

If you could, send a little note to your readers regarding the safety of
walking on the flats, the tides, and of course the fog.

Chris Izzo

Ill post an article on "flats safety" this monday (Day off).

Hi Randy,
We are getting excited about fishing on June 6th. Looking forward to catching a world record sized Bass. I might bring my rod and reel, but would like to use your stuff if possible. Thanks, Craig

World Record? None of my clients have caught a fish in 10 years, so Im hopeing you will be the first! My stuff is always available. I just picked up a new rod and reel at K-mart. I think you you like it. It came with a big red bobber.

Hi Randy
I've been watching your reports and reminising about the great I week I had with 75 stripers, 20 of which were decent fish, 6 of which were over 30 inches and one of which was 38 inches at 18.5 lbs. There was a pod of fish in amongst the anchored boats slashing through a school of poagies. The only reason I stopped was because I happened to see a guy taking fish on a big wooden popper and an old salt in a boat hauling in about a 30 pounder he caught on a live poagie he had snagged. They hit so violently.

Anyway, I fished so many different envionments and even pulled some nice stripers out of the surf at -------------- where I fished with the legend himself, Tony Stetzco. He's an excellent fisherman and a nice guy from whom I learned alot. My work horse flies were my own version of your famous sand eel pattern and a synthetic deceiver pattern.

Hope your season goes well. Sounds like you're off to a good start.

Im happy to hear you had a great trip!!
That big fish had to be a reeeeel lot of fun!
Today I caught one that was 38 and 1/4 inchs long and 18.75 lbs. (Ooops, I guess it was just a lil bigger than your best. he-he)
"The first person that lies, normally losses."

Best Fish's,