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: Merrimack Mumblings

05-31-2002, 08:45 AM
Was out twice this week, had a blast both times.

Thanks for the ride Eddie, we went to the right places. Hope things are well with your Mom.

Capt. Dave Rimmer helped me & a buddy find some bigger class fish (and the usual schoolies) at the right places - only difference was that it was foggy at Stupid o'clock in the am.

JohnR, Tom told me about your plight...bummer man. Good luck and congrats.

Tom - what was that thing you were using anyway...looked like you need a catapult to throw it.

My season overall is WAAAAY better than last year in both numbers and size - I guess I've payed some attention to all the speakers I've seen...

Now that June is here I've scheduled fishing twice each week. I'm looking forward to a couple club trips and a charter with Charlie Crue. If anybody wants company, I'm open mornings, afternoons and evenings.