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: Single-Feather Flatwings

05-30-2002, 09:12 PM
Here are three Abrams flatwngs I tied this evening. All are single feather ones for now..From top to bottom, the R.L.S. Stinger, R.L.S. Amber and Silver, ad the R.L.S. Morning Glory. Todd(Wellhooked), are you out there.?.. Do you really have to count the bucktail... These recepies say 30 white bucktail for the platform, then the directions are 10 of this ,5 of that...It says you should count them... believe me, counting small stands of bucktail is a pain... but I did it anyway.

05-30-2002, 09:13 PM
Here is a closeup of the heads:

05-31-2002, 06:31 AM
Great looking flies, Joe C. better watch out or you'll get his job. As for counting the hairs once is enough then you can guess.
I've been tying one for use at nite that uses olive for the throat and tail support with a single black hackle tied flat. body of any color braid and a wing of 10 hairs purple topped with 20 hairs of black. No, I don't count them, just what looks right. Ron

05-31-2002, 06:57 AM
As always, well done John. I picked up a nice fish last night drifting a fly inspired by Capt. Todd. Those are definitely gonna catch some fish in Sand Eel Heaven.

05-31-2002, 07:45 AM
Wow John, awesome!

Counting out the hairs is a way of ensuring consistency of color and proportion (a bit like mixing paint colors), but like rel, I don't count them anymore unless I'm doing one of Kenney's patterns for the first time. Blending different colors of bucktail together does produce some interesting results.

05-31-2002, 08:20 AM
Very Nice indeed. I really like the hook. Would those be the Varivas hooks?? Last year I recieved about 100 free Varivas semi dropped point hooks that were AWSOME. They were the sharpest hooks I ever tested out. Also one of the most expensive:(

John Desjardins
05-31-2002, 08:26 AM
I'll pile on and add that they are very nice looking flys. Are the jungle cock shoulders from the bulk order ? They look very high quality.

05-31-2002, 08:50 AM
Thank you for the encouraging comments... the hooks are Tiemco's 1/0's, and the jungle cock is from the order I got from Juro.. I only had Yellow and pale blue extra long hackles so it limited my tying... therefore only the single feathers for now... I will do a bunch of the regular Bucktail without the long hackle.. them move into the two and three feather tails.. I am anxious to do some with Chartruse ,yellow and olive grizzly long hackle.

05-31-2002, 09:12 AM
Whipped up something sort of similar ( not really )

4,6-7 inch Dark Olive Grizzly Saddles(tail)
Pearlescent Body Braid ( body )
Yellow Bucktail Collar
10 Strands Peacock Krystal Flash ( under wing )
Olive Bucktail ( wing )
Red Arizona Diamond Braid ( thoat / gill )
3D Eyes

05-31-2002, 10:52 AM
John, nice flies -

Regarding having only one or two colors in the long stuff, didn't you take a skin home from UFT with very long material in it? was it black or mottled white? or am I imagining something.

05-31-2002, 10:55 AM
Shhhhh!... my wife might see this post... I have no present recollection of that Dave.;)

Doc Duprey
06-01-2002, 04:05 PM
Beautiful flies...they have big fish written all over 'em.

Just my $0.02, but I agree with Adrian that counting ensures a consistancy from fly to fly. When you are blending colors of bucktail, that can make a difference. I find that particularly true on the "cheeks" of some pattersn where there is a difference between using three hairs of a particular color and using more...a subtle difference to be sure, but it is a difference. By counting, I find that I can control the variations in color and make it more predictable, which makes it easier to get the color effect that you want.

On the other hand, I don't think any two fish look exactly the same, so the "by eye" method should work just fine. Anyway, as Ken Abrames reminded me, there are no fly tying police.

Love learning from your flies. Thanks for posting and sharing with us all.

Best regards,