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: 5/30 S.E. Cape Test and Report:

05-30-2002, 06:19 PM
5/30 Fishing Report and Ramblings:

The morning started with about 75 birds working 4 inch sand lances along with lots of Blues and Bass. All feasting at mother natures banquet table. A number of Bass in the 30 inch range and up were also present! At times they were feeding at our feet. Once again the fog was heavy for most of the day. This can at times be a reeeeel blessing. The fog normally produces feeding fish on the surface due to the low light and keeps most recreational boaters tied up to the dock.

My guest invited me to fish with him today so it was a reeeeel treat to wet a line. (I think the real reason he invited me to fish with him was so I would quite reminding him of his casting inconsistencies. And that's putting it politely! He-he) The number of fish present gave me the opportunity to try a number of different patterns. These fish were so keyed in on exact imitation that only 2 flies worked consistently. One was a Rays fly and the other was a "special" white and olive clouser I use all summer long. A number of times the second the fly hit the water, I was setting on a fish.

Basically the entire day was filled with fish, some came easy while others we had to work for. It's Miller Time!

(see photo's)

Dick shows off a couple of the nicer Bass of the day. Notice the clammer digging in the back ground.

(See Photo's)

Dick was all smiles but the Blue fish was wearing a frown. Hmmm, wonder why. Congrats!

Test question for the day:
How do you till the difference between a Blue fish and a Striped Bass?

When you grab the fish by the lower jaw with your thumb, if your thumb ends up missing, then you know it was a Blue fish. (See above photo's)

Best Fish's,

Randy Jones
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