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: Michigan/Ohio Info Needed

05-28-2002, 12:29 PM
I will be in the SE Mich/ NW Ohio area on a temporary assignment for the next three months. Would sure appreciate some help, connections, etc on whats happening, rivers, fly fishing clubs, fishing buddies, etc. Thanks,


05-28-2002, 06:40 PM
Southwest michigan and northern indiana will have a lot of action.

PM me.


06-10-2002, 05:44 PM
Sure would be nice to hook up with someone in the area so I don't have to waste a lot of time finding good fly water. I am just east of Toledo Ohio so even the St Joe is probably at least a three hour drive. Two day weekends is about all I can do till this job is over (Aug) Rods haven't been out of the case since I got here. (5-27)

Since I am operating out of the public library, e-mail is kind of iffy. Until they get their network straightened out here at the library, I have to go to Kinko's to get into webmail and check my mail at the home address. Best bet is probably to post me a message on the board. I may not respond right away because I won't get the alert that comes to my home computer. Second best is my home address mailto: jdjones@oco.net As a last resort, cell phone (714) 743-7854. I have the national plan so I have 2000 weekend minutes/month, toll free and no roaming charges so I can call anyone in the USA.

Thanks to all, JD