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: Chatham 5/25 am South Beach Circuit

05-25-2002, 09:49 AM
Got to the light about 4:30 - 4:45. Wind blowing out of the north, 20-30 mph I'd say. Mostly walking, little fishing, both inside and out. Got down to the channel where John's bouys are (J, K?). Dead low. Having been beaten up by the wind and sand storm I decided to give it up and make my way back rather than wait for the flood. Out of there by 9:30. All in all a pretty crappy morning. But I got some great exercise.

05-25-2002, 01:12 PM
Thanks for the report Fred. I went down to the haaba to put in the yak around 5am and thought better of it. I'm hoping the wind will lay down this evening as forcasted.

05-25-2002, 04:32 PM
That wind was frustrating and irritating after awhile. Mainly because eveytime I get a chance for some quality fishing time it's right after a front passes thru. Like water drip torture. Seems to have laid down a bit. Wife and daughter are going to the movies so I think I'll go over to the bayside for the incoming and some lazy-man fishing.

05-25-2002, 06:24 PM
Fred....I got there at 4AM and met Shadfreak (Larry) and we headed out .The wind was honking even then but we thought it might settle..But I should know better.. It is calmer in the dark than when the sun comes up...Last of the outgoing and North West wind did not bode well..but we went.. started out front then to the point and walked all the way down past the riprider drop off.. Were the beach pebbles start... Nothing.. no birds but tons of seals and they were in close.. The wind really started to pick up..I could swear the gust were at time 40 mph.. Sand was everywhere... and the walk back was brutal. We stopped for coffee at Monomoy Coffee and I enjoyed meeting Larry. We were really beat and I felt that the wind would be in our face at Brewster as well... don't know what the south side would have been like...Anyway, I off again tomorrow morning at 5... On the way back It was weird not seeing one fisherman around the bowl at 8:30 on a Saturday morning on a holiday weekend.. Fred... I saw one guy walking up the beach about 1 or 2 miles behind us.. It could have been you. I am sure if the weather was better we would have hooked up.

05-25-2002, 08:15 PM
That was me tracking you guys. On my way out I saw a few guys in the bath tub and thought you might be one of them. Spent about 15 minutes there then went to the outside and picked up your tracks. I figured it was you (had to be a crazy person to be out there) but decided I wouldn't be able to walk back if I sprinted after you. Amazing we didn't cross paths because your car was gone when I got back. So at some point we had cross paths. With those flats drained that place is vast.

Depending on the weather I may see you tommorow.

05-26-2002, 09:21 AM
Like you two, I fought the wind in the a.m.. Got as far as the causeway before deciding against heading over to SB. Instead, hit red river beach where the wind was manageable. No fish though. That's OK, b/c the day ended with calmer winds and many more fish out on Nauset. Saw many fins, giant blues, and caught many a striper. No 40 inchers, but not a micro in sight :D.

05-26-2002, 02:46 PM
Out around 4:30 and walked to the point then out to South Beach about 1/2 mile... tide wa dead low but stiff south East wind... good... nothing at the ocean side but tide was wrong..then to the inside.. lots of fisherman..picked up a bunch of small guy landed a good one as far as I could tell from the distance I was from the group. ...Then along comes Adrian ,who was on the death march to spend the day farther down south beach.... Juro called me at home later and had a fine day at Nauset... I will meet Adrian tomorrow morning... Juro was going to hook up with Roop posibly later this evening... really want to go tonight but have things to do... Might even head out around 3Am..not sure... I can always nap during the morning when I get back.

05-26-2002, 04:57 PM
I was thinking of catching the 8:00 shuttle tomorrow morning...will anyone else be heading to South Beach or Monomoy?


05-26-2002, 10:56 PM
Jeff I'm glad the advice paid off! :)

My day:

I postponed a shore trip due to crappy weather (too cloudy and windy for sight fishing) and worked Nauset on the tail end of the ebb in the morning; lots of fish but nothing of any size; worked Brewster Flats in evening around the evening tide change - lots of fish but nothing of any size. Biggest for the day was still sub-legal, maybe 26".

Did not use the pool toy.

If anyone was worried about the small (18"-22") schoolie class missing, they are around in great numbers this year it seems. I think I caught an entire season's worth today! :rolleyes:

Anxious to see some backing next time!

05-27-2002, 09:06 AM
Saturday evening went to the bayside - no fish but it was pleasant to get out after the wind laid down. Went back Sunday morning about an hour and a half later than I intended (overslept). Bottom of the tide, I made my way out on the bar and at least got a look at things. Pretty dead, no fish and a striking absence of bait.

Hit the light this morning and got a bunch of small fish out on the bars. Hits on every cast for awhile. Most were in the 16 to 20" range and one pissed off, leaping rat that was fun. It was a somewhat positve ending to an otherwise lousy fishing weekend.

05-27-2002, 09:25 PM
Here's my four day synopsis - the place I stayed had no analogue access for internet so I was unable to read any reports or post until I got back home this evening.

Arived at the light 5:00 p.m. Friday and fished the outside watching the Sun go down in the West and the almost full moon rise in the East. Managed about a half dozen and called it a day at 10:00. Was planning on a 4:00 a.m. start Saturday but overslept and decided to hit Larry's and pick up the 08:00 shuttle. Decided against it with the wind gusting to 30. Took a run up to Nausset angler - Harry suggested Corn Hill which was good advice. I fished the mouth of Pamet river on the outgoing and managed a couple of 24s. We even had a brief blitz (about 20 splashes over a 15 second period). Back at the light at 3:30, the wind had droppped noticeably.

Found a new hole way down on the outside and ran into one other angler. There was enough sun to see what was going on and it was classic surf action. Had my first 28+ down to the backing twice and dropped two more plus a binch of 18-20s. Picked up one more at 'big gurls little sister' (BG II)- not big but I'm now about 8 for 8 every time I make a cast there. Not bad for a day I though was going to be a write-off.

Sunday I had planned to do early at the light and Rip Ryder but overslept again :rolleyes: Met Craig at the ferry but discovered the 09:00 wasn't running for lack of bookings My fault, I should have called Keith ahead of time! Backup plan was park at the causeway and do the death march which turned out not too bad. Spin guys were doing some damage on surface poppers inside early. Ran into John a little later. I went about 1/2 mile below the ferry drop off point and had fun working back up on the incoming tide. Ocaisional sun made for a couple of sight fishing ops. Had several casts to one seriouly large moby striper which remained tight lipped. Picked up a few on a surface popper and fished the outside into dark. Once again back at my new favorite hole picked up serveral 20s and had one large fish take me well into the backing before we parted company. This morning I caught up with John and we fished a couple of holes before I set out for my "new" location. Good job you didn't make the walk with me John - we were standing at the place I was talking about but the fog had me totally confused and I walked south for 40 minutes only to find myself at the end of South Beach! Any other time it would have been fascinating (I could hear surf on both sides) - but I hadn't planned on walking that far after the previous days hike. I could subtitle this report "gottagettagps!". Picked up a couple of twinks in the deep channel heading back. It got rather busiy down there, guide boats and private boats plus Outermost Ferry dropped off several anglers. I got further up I saw why - the inside was so shallow it seemed like you could wade across to Morris Island! Picked up a 20 at BG II and called it a day.

05-27-2002, 10:26 PM
Well, I would have gone with you ,Adrian, but I was still beat from my Saturday hike into the head wind.. After you walked on I headed over to the Bath tub where I was yesterday... Still the tide going out so I thought I would do that and then head back to the ocean side on the incoming.. I wanted to explore the sand bars at the point at the light house but no big fish coming out of pleasant bay seems. Nice channel working it's way out to the time.... Ran into Jack White at the bath tub and things were alot quieter today than yesterday... saw some finning blues but only landed one striper about 20 inches... headed up to the closer dropoffs as the tide came in... no fish landed by me or the four flats boats out in front of me... so back to the ocean side... only caught two more ... but right in front of the stars at the rip that forms there.. called it a day.

05-28-2002, 04:57 AM
Great reports . Decided to stay local and tried out the yak on the North River. Nada. Checked the Boston Bouy and it reported a sea temp of 349 degrees. Went to a flyshop on the way home and a couple of anglers were bragging how sore their arms wer after catching 100 plus fish off of Monomoy. Seems like they just hang around the shop telling these stories to generate business. Then I checked the Buzzard' s Bay Bouy sea temp 53 degrees. On Sunday fished Westport river caught two brite stripers. Maybe it has to do with sea temps.

05-28-2002, 07:57 AM
Sorry I missed Adrian and others this weekend but you didn't miss much if you were to have gone out with me as well.

Friday AM was my only time on the water, with the Penguin, and the usual big fish spots around Chatham & Orleans did not produce any monsters. Friday afternoon was cut off by a call from a client that sent me back to the home office.

Found a beautiful calamari specimen, the most strikeing feature for the fly tying realist were the eyes. Huge & pearl like. Took photos for reference, will try to post.

My brother in law has been nailing tons of fish around the Bourne area on the Cape side. Evening is the hot ticket for him, 5 - 9 and then it dies off, he doesn't believe tides have an impact on the catchability.

Good luck.