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05-24-2002, 02:58 AM
I've been away from the board for quite awhile and just now saw your article on the "Holy Grail" (possibly I missed it aforehand). Very well written piece of work, I enjoyed it. What struck me was what you wrote...

"The Hoh Indians, rumored to be acting in protest of the exploitative native kill season, had their nets strewn across the first pool from tidewater. We were told that they usually kept their nets out during this native return period, but they felt if Washington state fishery laws will allow non-Indian anglers to kill the river's native steelhead, they will net the natives in protest."

I spent qite alot of time with Steve Probasco, the author of the Hoh River Journal, while he was doing research and photographing the Hoh (we live only a few hours south of the river). During the final year of research of the book, Steve and I were greeted with fliers posted by WDFG at all access points up and down the river that announced the early closure of steelhead season on the Hoh due to concerns about the sustainability of the years predicited spawning biomass. It was a surprising announcement, but one, that at the time we welcomed as a decent effort at conservation. However, one week later, the tribal nets came out...again. For documentation and photos of the fliers see the "Hoh River Journal", Amato Publications.

I've set my sights on rivers that I can personally have an impact upon since then, The ridiculous meanderings of politicians and beaurocrats have jaded me to thrust my efforts into areas where my voice is actually heard...mainly a small stream advocate. However, the travesties that encompass the larger rivers, both from non-tribal and tribal influences continue to gall me. Kudos to the Wild Steelhead Coalition and thier efforts that are sorely underestimated by the fishing public and by our "wonderfull "WDFG biologists and policymakers.

Anyhow, your writing hit a nerve within me...and it stirred up the stew pot again...I'm tying for next winter, possibly looking forward to a year of wild returns that is bountifull for the procreation of a wonderfull fish...And, with the hopes that we won't see this crap coming forth for too many more years.

Thanks for the good article Juro...tight lines.


05-24-2002, 09:22 PM if we could only get Juro to finish "Land of the Giants, Part III" we would be in excellent shape!!