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: S.E. Cape Cod Fly, Wade, Sight Ramblings

05-22-2002, 07:55 PM
5/21 and 22 Fishing Report and Ramblings:
Yesterday was a slow day of sight fishing. We only saw approx. 250 Stripers. Noticed mostly migrating Bass with a few residents setting up house today. The water temp. dropped by 5-8 degrees a few days ago with those high N.E. winds, which I think had something to do with the few fish we saw.

Today was a "Day for KINGS" Perfect sight fishing conditions and an even combination of Bass and Blues that were eager to inhale my guest's perfectly cast (ahemmmmmmmm) flies. Mostly all schoolies on the shallow flats and mostly keeper Bass (a couple were 40 inch's or better) and Blues on the deeper edge of the flats. White and Chartruse Clouser was the ticket today. Nothing fancy, this early in the season.

Wont say how many we saw and wont say where exactly. Last year at this time some flats were a nightmare of wade anglers, boats everywhere and Im going to try to do my part this year by not adding to this mess. (F.Y.I. - Any of you who post fishing reports on other sites may want to consider doing what I am doing. S.E. Cape is enough of a description and please dont give exact directions. (da) Some of these area's can only handle so many Dick's in the pool. (he-he) Thanks!!)

A "LOT" of resident bass are in the tidal estuaries, marsh, rivers, bays. That's were the water is 55 degree's or better. These area's may be a good option for this holiday weekend with the weather turning sour. Thats where I'll be.

(See Below Photo)

Doug lands the biggest measuring out at 38 inch's. I cant remember the last time I saw so much of that orange stringy stuff. J.Sloan picks up second with this 36 incha. Just a couple of Cape Cod keep'a's waiting for ya!

(See Photo's)

Howard is standing and casting into about 1 foot of water. (Just a couple of many cast too and landed today.) Within the first 1/2 hour of the morning Howard had 3 fish hooked up on the shallow flats. This was his first time ever fishing the salt, sight fishing for stripers. Howard also had a bluefish on, that ran faster and further than I have ever seen before!! I guess the fact that it had a 400 pound seal chasing it had something to do with it. The seal won and Howard and the Bluefish lost. What a show! We also watched Blue fish and seals devour small 6-10 inch Bass that were coming by us in schools of 50 to 200 for about an hour straight. One big cloud after another. This was the first time EVER I have seen so many micro bass in school after school.

(See Photo's)
Doug with another one of many, sight fished, almost legal striper's landed today.

We all need to remember that we are the stewards of our environment. If it were not for conservative minded people 20 years ago,
we would not be enjoying the fruits of their labor today. Please remember that: "A fish is to valuable a resource to only be caught once."
"The fish you release may be a gift to another fisherman as it may have been a gift to you."
Lee Wulff

Best Fish's,
Randy Jones
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