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: NC- from the coast to the Mtns.

05-22-2002, 08:45 AM
Had a wild week of fishing and driving. Had a customer from the UK. We spent three days fishing in my usual haunts around Morehead City, NC for trout and reds. The wind whipped from the NE (and still is) and the fishing was off but we did manage one 4 lb speckled trout (Citation sized fish. Fish was kept in livewell, weighed in a bag and released alive). Then it was off to Asheville, NC to fish a couple of days in the mountains with my buddy Bigfoot ( We spent one day hiking in to a gorgeous brook trout stream and the next day floated the Watauga River in TN. Hit a huge hatch of BWO on the Watauga with fish rising all over the stream and caught fish all day, nothing too huge but fun nonetheless. It was great to show a person from England a lot of things that he had never seen before. Bigfoot took us over to a bridge on the Davidson River near a hatchery, just to look around, you can look down and see lots of huge trout. Our english friend was amazed that we could just walk right up and start fishing without even asking for permission. We have it pretty good over here. I told him it was our birthright to have open water to fish for us and our children.

06-06-2002, 03:45 PM
Hey Capt Joey is a good guy and a friend of mine too. He worked with us at Davidson river Outfitters and he and I fish together quite often.