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: Flytyathon - any interest?

05-21-2002, 05:17 AM
OK, I have received a couple of responses from people asking how they go about joining in with the flytyathon and so I got thinking. Why don't we change the setup of it a bit and hopefully raise some more cash.
Rather than just myself doing the flytyathon, others can do their own as well.
I will set up a specific page on the website -
where details will be posted as to who is taking part, what flies
they are tying and how much they have raised so far (regular e-mail updates from participants needed!)

If you are interested in this read on......
Firstly you need to contact me and tell me you want in the tyathon.
You will need to decide on a fly or two flies you could tie for 12
hours non-stop and then let me know which it is.
If you can let me know the date which you plan to do the 12 hours of tying please also let me know.

You will be required to tie flies for 12 hours non-stop (unless you
require a trip to use the toilet!), for this reason it is unwise to
do it in a pub.....!
You need to collect sponsorship for doing the tyathon on a pledge basis (either a set amount for each fly you do or just general donation) as well as colelcting money by selling the flies. I will leave the price you charge for your flies up to you but I suggest a price of 1.00 ($1.50-$2 US) would not be too far from reasonable. But charge what you think you'll be able to get.
Try and get some media coverage possibly from a local newspaper, if you do get any, send me a copy and we can post it to the group and put it up on the site.
When you have collected all the money, I will designate someone in each country to collect it all and then convert it into and then
send a cheque over to me in England where t will be added to all the other countries money. I will then add it all together and present it to the charity and write a report about that and put it on the site.

If you want in let me know a.s.a.p, come on guys and gals it's only 12 hours! E-mail me NOW saying if you want in and we can get this show on the road.

I have proposed the NSPCC (National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children) which is a very big worthy charity here in the UK but other suggestions are welcomed.

Lets get going, think abotu it and e-mail me at with your details


Chris Cook