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: Northern NJ May 12th & 13th?

October Caddis
04-24-2001, 11:41 AM
I'll have a weekend back in the Philly area around middle of May before I attend some conferences for the week. Instead of sitting in a hotel room all weekend I want to fish NJ coast. I know the Cape May area a little but have no clue about the North Jersey coast or the West Jersey coast/ tidal river system as far as Stripers are concerned. Anyone out there know any areas a little closer than Cape May from Philly that a I can fly fish the shore without getting mugged? I noticed on a drive from Cape May north up the west shore of Jersey huge amounts of tidal marshes and lot's of boat rental places. Anyone have any info on What type of fishing this might be? Figure it must be stripers and maybe Sea Trout but never stoped in to find out. Looks like it would be fun to fish the marshes and shallow estuaries.

04-25-2001, 12:54 PM
Hello there;

Cape May is quite a trip from Philly. I would recommend fishing on Long Beach Island, any beaches north of Long Beach Island, or Barnegat Bay. Stripers and Bluefish will be most abundant. People often drive up and down the strip (beaches North of Long Beach Island) with binoculars looking for birds divebombing baitfish. You will see plenty of people fishing - all of the NJ beaches are excellent for fishing. Check a map and take a drive. Good luck!


October Caddis
04-26-2001, 02:43 PM
Thanks Broche,
From what I can see from the map Long beach would be the place to be and I would have the chance to fish the inland waterway or the barrier.
Got a nice e-mail from a guy named Chris who turned me on to StripersOnline website and I can find a whole lot about the area through it. Do you know if there are many small boat rentals in that area. It might be fun to rent a skiff with a 10 or 20 horse on it and fish the inside if fish are in. Sort of like reliving my early days in Quincy bay. Also do you know what type of bait is in that area at this early time of year. I'm hoping that it's not just foot long Bumkers because I hate flinging flies that big.
"Feeling like a kid again Steve"