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: recommendation needed for knots book...

yukon delta
05-15-2002, 09:00 PM
I haven't found one yet that I liked the photos/illus. I bought one by Lefty Kreh and Mark Sosin that you would THINK is good...the b&w photos of monofilament are tough to see details of. The Orvis flyfishing guide by Rosenbauer has minimal info on knots.

What do you guys think is a good resource? The book on knots & leaders by Orvis? The Complete book of fishing knots by Geoffrey Budworth? Something else? Thanks for your input.

05-16-2002, 08:47 AM
I have a knot book by Bill Nash from the west coast and I found it pretty well describes evey knot I need and I haven't had a problem following the illustration/instructions. All the pictures are in black and white though. This is the link to his site if your interested.


05-16-2002, 09:04 AM
Yukon - this is kinda surprising.

Though respectful of the age and wisdom, I'm no disciple of Lefty. Did you buy the paperback 'Practical Fishing Knots II', yellow cover, with black/white line drawings of the various knots??? or something else. IMO the line drawings are very clear and explanatory. My $.02

yukon delta
05-16-2002, 09:31 PM
Dfix...the book was the original version not Vol. 2 or whatever. The illustrations are ok but the b&w photos of monofilament aren't good at all as you can imagine.

I may have found the answer to my own question. There's a "Pocket guide to fly fishing knots" by S. Bradshaw and G. LaFontaine that is put out by Northern Lights. Very good and it's small enough to put in the vest and waterproof. The streamside version if you please. I picked it up today.

Thanks for the input.

05-17-2002, 02:17 PM
The earlier version of Kreh and Sosin (green and white cover) doesn't have any photos, only drawings, and seems useful to me. Might be worth trying to track down a used copy on Alibris or Bibliofind or one of the other used book search engines.

Another one I like for the illustrations is the Field and Stream Fishing Knots Handbook. Writer and illustrator is Peter Owen. Lyons Press, 1999. Not as many pure flyfishing knots, but all the basics, and very clear multiple step-by-step illustrations.

The one I've had in my hand but haven't yet bought is the Budworth. (The Complete Book of Fishing Knots : Fundamental Knots/Loop Knots/Joining Knots/Hook, Lure, Swivel and Sinker Knots, Other Useful Knots by Geoffrey Budworth). He's a Brit; some of the knot names are different (but North American variant names are in the index.) The shaded two-color illustrations are large and seem very useful. To see the index and some sample pages, here's the book's Amazon coordinates:

Don't forget to come back with any discoveries of your own.