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: CCA-Cape Cod, last night

05-15-2002, 07:42 AM
Man, we had a great time last night. As usual, Joe Cordeiro was a whole bunch of fun. The stuff that comes off his vice is every bit as impressive as the amount of materials he can pull out of his travel boxes. I wonder how much more of that stuff he has at home? And you know the materials he uses are a little tough to find, like the long peacock herl, had to be 14" to 16" long, the jungle cock capes, I'm glad we got the right deal here at the forum on that stuff ! And now Joe comes up with the MONSTER FLASH, wow, 20" long. Looks like I'll be going on another shopping spree. Please don't tell my wife ! Joe tied 3 patterns, the Monomoy Special, the L&L Special and a one feather Ray's Flatwing, all of which he gives away when completing them. And also donated six different patterns for a door prize. Joe, THANK YOU for a great show !

We were also joined by Capt. Todd Murphy who thought he could just hide in the background and act as just another attendee without wanting to steal any of Joe's thunder. Well, we all know Joe has plenty of that and we just couldn't let Todd get out without giving some pointers to individuals on the proper presentation of these incredible flies. Todd, you were gracious as allways, Thanks
Oh ya, Todd also won the door prise, so I immediatly signed on with him for a charter to the flats, cause you know how many flies I loose.

This was the last general membership meeting of the spring, we will start up again in Sept. But that dosen't mean we just fish all the time. The first ever CCA-Cape Cod chapter banquet will be held on Oct.24 and the planning for this event will begin soon. We need volunteers to help with the many tasks and expect to make a huge splash. This is our major fund raiser of the year and as our first, we need to come out of the box smokin, so give me a call and get on the contact list for the upcoming planning meetings.

I want to personally thank all who made the past year a growing success and hope to see you and some of your friend in Sept. to continue along the path to bigger and better things.

Don't forget to dristribute the striper poster whenever you get a chance, come away from the shoreline with more trash than you came in with, bend the barbs on your flies, and use those circle hooks when bait fishing. And treat all fish with respect !

Have a great season,
Brian Casey
President, CCA-Cape Cod