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Scott K
05-13-2002, 11:46 PM
I am curious as to the baggage that you carry for the most part.
When I am Steelhead fly fishing with my two hander, here is sort of a list of the things I have in my jacket or vest. You'll notice I don't carry a hell of a lot (well, not compared to what I'd carry if I'm drift fishing that's for sure!). Is your situation similar?
Maybe we can make our arsenals simpler, or more refined from comparing/contrasting. Are you a pack rat? Are you organized? Do you only go to one pocket but you have 100 pockets full of things?

1) Fly box...not that it is important what brand it is, but I have an SA C+F box that I find light, durable, and it holds the flies well and I haven't had any problems with flies falling out. Obviously flies in this fly box. Currently have 51 flies from sizes 4 to 2/0 (mostly 1/0's) in my fly box from weighted dredgers/leeches, to popsicles, to more classic pattern like the GP to bombers. I still have a respectable amount of room to add a fair amount more flies too.

2) A pair of those nippers that kinda look like nail clippers, these are hanging on my retractor. I find I don't need pliers since everything that goes into my fly box is crimped (the barb) before hand, so what would I need them for?

3) A spare spool of 12 pound leader (Maxima Ultragreen), since I find in all my winter run Steelhead situations with my 9140-3, 12 pound leader is perfect and about as low as I'll need to go.

4) A head (actually technically a "tip") wallet which carries my sink tips and floating/clear tips.

5) Wallet, which contains my fishing license, and keys. I think that what I am going to do is invest in a spare car key that I put somewhere in my jacket or vest, or even inside my wader pocket in case when I'm riggin up in the morning, I accidently close the trunk or something (being forgetful, it happens, hasn't happened yet though) on the keys.

6) Electrical tape, one roll, for wrapping the ferrules on my two hander.

7) In my back pocket, a pair of gloves for when it gets cold out, I prefer fingerless.

8) In a ziplock bag in my back pocket, a roll of arsewipe. Hey, You never know!

9) A camera if I am fishing with a buddy to get some pictures, if I am by myself I usually don't bother bringing it. If I am on a trip for a few days, I'll bring an extra roll of film.

10) In mini ziplock baggies, I carry leaders which I have hand tied that are 15 feet long to put on the end of my floating tip. They work in this configuration: 8 feet of 40 pound test, 2 feet of 30 pound test, 2 feet of 20 pound test, and 3 1/2 feet of 12 pound test. Not really a true 60/20/20, but they do the trick, especially with the heavily weighted flies that I use when I'm fishing the floating line/long leader. Tying up a few of these leaders (I usually have 3 done up) in advance and putting them in those little ziplock baggies (kinda like how they're rolled up when you buy factory tapered leaders) saves me from having to carry various spools (IE not having to carry small spools of 40, 30, 20, and 12 pound test and instead just one spool for tippet, 12 pound like I mentioned up above). These pre tied leaders really come in handy if my floating line leader gets chaffed/abraised heavily or I somehow end up getting a lot of wind knots in it past the point of bringing the leader back by cheating and un doing them (haven't we all done this? LOL). Whether you prefer hand tied or factory tapered leaders is obviously your preference.

Now my list seems long because I typed it long. But in reality, when you lay out all the above mentioned stuff on the table in front of you, it's really crap all and it's all the neccessary basic tackle/gear/etc. that you need for Steelhead fly fishing. Obviously if you are going away on a week long excursion you might want to bring back ups of everything, but you leave all that in your truck/car or in your motel in the event you lose something.

What's in your vest/jacket?

05-14-2002, 09:21 AM
fly box, 12 lb. fluro leader, nippers, hook file, tip wallet, 30 lb. maxima and nail knot tool.

05-14-2002, 09:54 AM
What's in your friends vest pockets is more important to me!

A high quality flask with top of the line double malt for those emergency confidence stops after no fish touched in the best run on the river.
A good Cuban cigar or as close to equal for those rare winter mornings when someone hooks up and we all get to participate in a rare but wonderful celebration.
I always carry some emergency rations with me in case of a break in the clouds and rain. One sixpack of Corona with a lime and big roast beef sandwiches for all with plenty of hot spices. Nothing like it on a cold sunny morning at 0710.
Also carry a sixpack of Budwiser or similiar beer in the seat well just incase you need to pull up to some good gear fishermen and talk story for awhile and get them somewhat talkative and find out what type of water they have been hooking thier fish in on that particular day.
Scott, if you carry this type of gear with you you can't go wrong. Even if you leave your fly box on the kitchen table from tying flies the night before or left your wadding shoes at home, had friends do that before or worst of all your friend with the drift boat never shows up, you still can pull off a good morning on the river. This is the type of gear that makes winter Steelheading more creative because we can all agree, that to fish these fish in winter you need every advantage one can get.
Travel light my friends but don't forget the big wad of TP somewhere in a jacket pocket it is far better to view the ferns than it is to do an emergency clear cut on the under growth!

05-14-2002, 09:58 AM
I'm a confirmed packrat and have the 20 pound vest to prove it. A listing of items as best as I can remember.

tippet spools (2)
fly boxes (2)
fabric tape measure
Plastic box of tube flies
Small plastic box of misc. tubefly hooks
camera - disposable
digital camera (not always carried)
Tip Wallet for 8 weight
Tip Wallet for 10 weight
hand tied leaders (from 4' to 15')
hook file
forceps/Scissors combo
nip and knot nippers
ferrule wax
3M electrical tape
disposable lighter
sunglass wipes
2 pair of gloves
Travel Humidor w/ 3 cigars
Garbage bag (for river cleanup or the occasional hatchery fish)
license and punch card

almost forgot the important item: 6 oz. flask of single malt

05-14-2002, 12:32 PM
Small waist pack...One fly box, nippers/nail knot tool, one spool of tippet, hook file, a couple of leaders, wading staff, pipe with a supply of Captain Black, pipe tool, the clan flask. Let my partner carry the rest:smokin: .

05-14-2002, 02:06 PM
My list of stuff is closer to sinktips list.

4-5 boxes of flies (i am never sure what to start with, and then change too much)
6 spools of tippet, 6-15lb.
leader wallet w/various leaders 4-12 foot
sinktips, type 3-6 & floater
needle nose pliers
hook file
wallet, spare keys and a buck or two

and all this gets heavy and the end of the day.
oh well cant seem to give up some things.

05-14-2002, 02:19 PM
Here’s what I generally carry in my vest:

Flybox(s) (in the summer and fall I carry a couple of boxes, 1 for wets and another for dries)
Wallet for sinking heads (only in the winter and spring)
Leatherman tool
Hook file
Maxima (30, 25, 20, 15, 12, 10)
Nail knot tool
Measuring tape
Extra film
Toilet paper
Extra car key
Extra spool (summer and fall only - a long-line and a hoot’n’shooter)

I leave the flask in camp or at home – wading and indulging are too dangerous a combination for the rivers I like to fish and a lightweight like me.

05-14-2002, 06:42 PM
I am about the same as the above lists.

Also a pair of Yaktrax for winter fishing if you have to walk through the snow a lot.

05-14-2002, 07:19 PM
Head wallet
1 4X6 Fly box
nipper tool
2 spools Maxima Ultra Green 1 10lb, 1 15lb.
Ziploc bag
Fleece fingerless

Head wallet
1 4X6 Fly box
nipper tool
1 spool Berkley Flourcarbon 8lb 1 spool Maxima UG 12lb.
Ziploc bag

05-14-2002, 09:27 PM
If it doesn't fit in the small pouch on my waders or slipped inside my waders I do not need it.

content inlcudes:
fly box
head wallet
camera (jinks me every time)
one spool of 10-lbs tippet
hook file
small packet of split shot
and of course my current fishing license.


Scott K
05-15-2002, 02:24 AM
I notice some of you fella's mentioning about carrying a Nail knot tool.

Couldn't you avoid carrying this tool by doing an emergency nail knot (using a small piece of line folded over itself, and when you finish wrapping the nail knot, put the tag through the loop which you have layed on the line/under the wraps and use the loop to suck the tag under the wraps to finish the knots). I don't know, I don't usually use the nail knot, I use the albright knot. Easy to tie, doesn't require any tools and is damn strong, many believe it is stronger than the nail knot. Works for joining backing, as well as leaders to fly lines.

Many good points taken, great lists, aresenals, ideas, or whatever you want to call them!