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: Lessons already learned!

05-13-2002, 04:49 PM
I usually do this at the end of the season, but thought I would go ahead and start a thread for the start of season hijinks as well...

Lessons I thought I had already learned (but forgot about!):

a) sunblock, even in May... I have a dramatic Hopi idian war paint look going on from a day on the water, not to mention cracking lips and threatening to shed my skin

b) cell phone (or VHS) in possession out there... I knew I didn't have it before leaving the truck but decided to wing it because I had GPS, digital camera, etc. Ended up wishing I had it!

c) hydrate thoroughly... after a winter of couch potatoism I forgot how important it is to keep well watered and started cramping up a little out there and felt a bit woosey until I drank some water. Even if it means an occasional jettison, bring and drink enough H20.

d) snack bars in the chestpack... I thought to purchase some balance bars and stuff like that but they don't do any good sitting in the truck!

e) mount those line cones in the stripping basket... I've had those cones for years now, the hard in-your-face wind we had on Sat. reminded me that I could get some help keeping the running line in the basket. Actually, last year I fished the Orvis basket I got from Capt.Todd and didn't have this problem - maybe this one should be called "bring the right basket"

f) need more arch support than the scuba booties offer... I walked for several miles this weekend and although the scuba booties are fantastic for shorter treks on the sandy shoreline once you get into the "miles" you need either the neoprene work boots like the Doogues have, the Simms flats sneaker which Ssully says are awesome, or anything with adequate arch support that does not make you feel like frankenstein on the beach

If I recall, pretty much everything else went smoothly for a first outing... especially the first fish keeper part!

05-14-2002, 05:52 AM
A good sunblock to get is called Bullfrog. Its waterproof and lasts 8 hrs recommended by my doctor who is a flyfisherman. You can get it at Walmart. They also have a web site. FishHawk

05-14-2002, 07:16 AM
1. Never turn your back on the surf. :tsk_tsk: Just when you think you've seen the biggest wave of the day, it's big brother sneaks up on your blind side and sends you half way up the beach.

2. When fishing the surf, move your feet. If you stand in one spot, the under tow will make you about 1 foot shorter than you were before you walked into the surf. As a result, when you find the need to vacate your surroundings as in example #1, you won't need to step out of a very large hole that you have dug for yourself. :)

05-14-2002, 08:32 AM
1.) Resist the habit of casting perpendicular to the shore (all the time) to hit the deepest water. Todd's tips were great. They reminded me to try casting parallel to shore even when waist deep on the edge of a trough. Worked on Sunday.

2.) Don't take your car key off your key chain and put it on the console between the two front seats. Did that Saturday at 7:30 before boarding the Rip Ryder. Then knocked the key down under the electrical box under the passenger seat. Had to take the entire seat (and some carpet) out before I could drive home. Was rescued by fellow Forum members with tool boxes.

3.) As a substitute to Power Bars, toss a tiny can of Tuna with a pull ring top in the pack. (Think I learned this from Juro.) My wife also bought a few packages of the tuna that comes in those rip open paper pouches. They fit in tiny flat spaces, you can crush them, and they taste fine.

4.) Ditto Juro on the sun block. Loaded up Saturday, a full day in the sun, and I was fine. Decided I didn't need it Sunday, completely overcast, and I looked like a racoon Sunday night. I'll just keep it in the car and put it on whenever going out for any extended time.

05-14-2002, 08:40 AM
bullfrog is a great sunblock...except that it is "greasy" and you'll have a hard time getting it off your hands....suggest you try a "grease-less" waterproof sunblock...like beaver for instance.


05-14-2002, 09:49 AM
Because I am too old to get zits and sunblock gives them to me I switched over to the Nutrogena non-pore blocking spf 30 on a small pocket sized stick for careful application around the eyes and face and the lotion tube for arms and stuff. Great stuff, although not quite as industrial as some brands it is waterproof and works well. I prefer something fairly light that does the job.