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: Sat, Falmouth & the Elizabeths

Bob Pink
05-12-2002, 07:51 PM
Started Sat at Wacky @ sunrise with the prerequisite eager schoolies working the jetty outflows. Head out another 30' from the jetty and it was immediate bluefish! Didn't expect to see them until we got over the Poppy! Locations to the east were decidedly slow, a few nice fish in the Succonesset rips but I was loosing too many Tidewater squids to bluefish. Cotuit was still eerily quiet when we checked it out at the bottom of the tide so we headed back West to Nobska. Themn over to Middle Ground where lots of fish were being taken by boats drifting live herring but there were none interested in flies.
Finished the day by tossing wood and feathers into the rocks of Naushon. The tide at first was slack and the fish sluggish, we'd watch them follow the plug/fly out from the rocks and then turn away. Saw enough nice fish to keep us interested. Things began to pick up as the water began to move. We wrapped up with a nice 34" fish that turned out from behind a big rock on a cunamo special herring pattern that I was lucky enough to drop in the right spot.
Bluefish are definitly filling in along the South shore, there should be some wild fishing along Poppy next week...

VERY glad to hear that things are starting to break open along Chatham. About time to start exploring down there!

05-13-2002, 06:28 AM
Great day Bob... I love Stripers but love hooking blues just as much... hope to get into those as well this year..