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05-12-2002, 05:43 PM
Tuesday, May 7, 2002: Although I didn't get a chance to fish today, my friend Capt. Tom did. He reported that there were many bass caught and released up to 29 inches on both sides of the tide. So, there are lots of bass in the Harbor and the fishing should only get better throughout the month of May and into June!

Saturday, May 11, 2002: Found the bass, loads of them, at first light in the channel near Jackknife Ledge and the Fore River. These fish were user friendly and would take large gray/lavender/white half & half's or small olive/white clouser baitfish imitations. The fishing was solid until the wind picked up from the NW. As the wind increased on the incoming tide, the fishing became spotty throughout the harbor. The schools were moving fast in Hingham Bay which made it hard to stay on top of the fish. The forecast is for winds diminishing tonight and rain coming in for tomorrow. The fishing could be great before the rain...

Sunday, May 12, 2002: The fishing in the Harbor on this Mother's Day was outstanding! From first light well into the coming tide we were into fish non-stop for hours. There were literally acres of schoolies throughout the Harbor with some larger fish 30+ " range mixed in. Even the schoolies in the 22 - 25" variety were tough customers on 8 and 9 wt fly rods. The bass were feeding aggressively on small herring and silversides and definitely "user friendly". Either small or large flies in olive/yellow/white, olive/white, or gray/lavender/white worked equally well. In addition to using half & half's and clousers on fast sinking lines, we had fish on topwater poppers and gurglers using floating lines. Rumor has it that there were some big schools of large bass around the Outer Brewsters. However, I never made it out of Quincy Bay (between Rainsford and Peddocks) to check it out.

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