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: Anchovy/Silverside (Swap Fly Entry)

05-12-2002, 01:10 PM
Here's my swap fly entry. It is intended to duplicate the small baitfish (anchovies?) that seemed to be the primary forage during the two major blitzes that I witnessed last year in Rhode Island.

Here's the recipe with the materials listed in the order in which they were tied.

Hook: Mustad 34007 Size 2
Thread: Fine clear mono
Tail/Body: Pearl Bill's Body Braid tied with tag end extending 1/4" past hook bend to form the tail.
Throat: White Marabou clipped to about 1/4"
Lower Wing: 8 strands of brown Super Hair, doubled back, tied parallel to shank, 2x hook length.
Belly: Sparse tan bucktail 1.5x hook length. Spread around throat and try not to flare the bucktail.
Flash: 2 strands of Rootbeer Krystal Flash, doubled back, tied to lay flat along top of lower wing, 1/4" longer than lower wing.
Upper Wing: Sparse brown bucktail (actually more of an orange-brown) 2.5x hook length, not too flared.
Head/Eyes: Self-stick eyes with epoxy covering the head and eyes. I used a black marker to darken the top edges of the eyes and the exposed part of the backs of the eyes (adhesive side) before applying the epoxy.