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: Rhody Weekly Review

05-10-2002, 03:20 PM
Our 2002' Cast-a-Fly fishing season is well underway, and it started on a good note. Sunday morning's trip was our shakedown cruise with Bill Krueger aboard. If you're an avid reader of local fishing magazines and newspaper articles, you will definitely recognize Bill. Up until two weeks ago, he was getting more publicity than Buddy himself. But what a difference two weeks can make. The boat ran well and it was nice to smell the essence of fuel stabilizer vapors burning off again. New lines, knots, flies and equipment were challenged and there were no problems.

Bill took the skunk off the boat at first light. Fishing some structure off Rumstick Rock, he recorded the first fish of our young season. After several minutes, Bill released a five-pound striper back to the brine. It was a feisty fish for sure with plenty of attitude. Several other fish took Clouser patterns close to Rumstick Point before we moved on. The shallow areas seemed barren of any silversides that usually inhabit the area.

Fishing conditions were perfect today. High tide occurred one hour before sunrise, which meant a dropping tide all morning. One-foot waves were being produced by a Southwest wind of 10 mph. Water temperatures were a constant 52-degrees and the skies were cloudy.

Open water in the upper bay was the ticket to finding fish. That's where all the bait seemed to have gathered. It's no secret that larger bait attracts larger fish and this was the case today. Gulls started to circle, dive, and grab to what seemed like 8 inch silver profiles. Some people were guessed herring, but my thoughts ventured to menhaden because of the size. Later they started flipping through the waves as the wind picked up. It's not easy to identify forage in situation where bass don't ever leave a mess.

Several bass were released in the ten-pound range but most were running around 6 pounds. Large full-bodied white flies worked with sinking lines. Larger fish were located in depths of 20 feet. White Clousers and deceivers closer to the surface worked in conditions when the bass would occasionally push a school of bait to the surface. Spinning gear with weighted white rubber shads also took fish.