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05-10-2002, 03:11 PM
Quick question for whoever desires to answer me. I will be on South Beach and Monomoy on 6/5 and was wondering other than Chartruse and Olive Clousers and Sandeel patterns, what else would you suggest to bring? I have been at the vise for days now and think I may be over dooing the whole thing. Most of you guys are from up that way so what better bunch to ask. Basically looking for a " Go To " fly.

05-10-2002, 04:25 PM
For the flats, sand eel. For the surf side, sand eel. For other situations try a sand eel and if that doesn't work try a sand eel. I have also had some really good days using crab patterns on the flats. Larger herring type patterns can produce well on the surf side and I have had some decent luck with larger squid patterns on the surf side.

05-10-2002, 05:37 PM
you might try some shrimp patterns

05-12-2002, 12:03 AM
Great responses so far, I'll chime in:

It depends on where, how and when - boat? shore? flats? surf? rips? day? night?

Late May / Early June==SQUID. Don't be caught without a good juvie cephalopod imitation in the box! I can tell you stories of fish exploding for squid mid-day with abandon while rejecting everything else. If you are fishing the rips, it's a must. If you are fishing ebb currents on the south side in the evening, gotta have 'em.

By June 5th the big stripers wouldn't have forgotten the tasty adult herring they've feasted on thru May. Having some large slab-sided patterns could mean a huge bass in the surf. My favorite is a variation of Page's bigeye baitfish (her fly with modifications). Another slab-sider I fish a lot is in the archives, "Juro's Juvie". The unique aspect of that fly is the use of marabou for the abdomen, a trick I developed out in the pacific northwest for coho salmon. Jeff Smith's Buffy is another very deadly pattern.

Without a doubt as Hawkeye says the sand eel is a staple for stripers, and it is a fly that gets a big fish's attention while being manageable to cast. Great combination of factors, which is why I am a head-shaven zealot junior grand poobah evangelist of the fraternity of the sand eel. You should tie up some of those great flatwings for additional sand eel coverage.

Don't forget bangers! There are times when fishing a popper is the most fun you can have with your waders on. My favorite is a squid banger. Large livebody foam cylinder, squid coloring, eye rearward, hackles with a palmered collar. Very effective at night as well.

Crabs are deadly, but I've had a problem with fish getting hooked deep with them. Other flies are always in the lip, but I've had some deep hookings with crab patterns. I think stripers try to mash them in the crusher plates in the throat. I've tied some circle hook crabs for this reason.

Shrimp work very well. If I say more DaveP might kill me ;)

Good luck!

05-13-2002, 01:53 PM
Thanks to all that replied. Shrimp patterns hugh? Popovic's? anything special or will you be silenced for divulging too much info? Squid ? any particular patterns ( easier the better I hope ) If any of you have the time I'll be there 6/5-6/8 if you care to meet up. I'll be up there with my buddies Big Woo and Big Roger. If interested let me know. I still have pleanty to learn about the waters up there and some local knoweledge is invalueable. Should I attempt to drag my 16.5ft Tin can appropriately named " Filthy Who*e up there? Or stick to the beach?