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05-09-2002, 10:25 AM
Although I have been out on the water for two years already, I have to admit my technique still is in it's infancy and I am definately what you would call a rookie.

On that note, I started fishing with a 8' 2-piece fiberglass rod my grandfather gave me. (the model # and manuf slips my mind right now) It is a heavy rod to try and use all day, and is rather stiff.

The stiffness is a benefit for 'feeling' the fish when you get the fly out there with good placement. BUT that was where the rod fell sort for me. I was not experienced enough to get a good cast (or at least two in a row) out of it. Didn't get a cast to roll right further than 3 or four yards past me. Not very suitable for pond fishing, which is what I mostly do.

Anyway. My father in law watched me struggle all year long in '01, so he got me an ORVIS CLEARWATER kit. here are the specs on it -

2-piece 8'6" rod with fiberglass case
6 weight
flex rating of 5 (pretty soft)
6 weight dry line with reel (forget specs on the reel now, sorry)

The strangest thing was that the line was coiled in so that you would reel it in with the LEFT hand, not the right.

Thought it was wierd, but figured I would give it a try as I always hold my line and rod with the right hand anyway. Turned out to be very easy to get used to and has become a preferred way to set up my line.

This rod has a nice smooth action, and requires a good snap of the wrist to shoot the line. That snap always seemed to load the line too much in my other rod and would send the line leader and fly shooting into the water in front of me - spooking all the fish - most of the time.

I can cast farther, retreive smoother, and have gained a much needed boost of confidence in my casting. This rod was the best thing that happened to my fishing this year, and at a pricetag of about $200 for the whole package (with a 25 year - no questions asked warranty) you can't go wrong for a beginner set-up.

All you other rookies out there, if you are a trout fan like myself, I would suggest it to any of you.

05-25-2002, 05:15 PM
Hi Stone, I tried the one of the Orvis Silver Label series out last year but the action of that particular rod was too fast for my casting stroke. I recently picked up a Cabela's Stowaway 5-piece rod, since they had gone on sale for $60. Admittedly the rods are a "mere" 98% graphite, but for $60 I figured, what the heck. Not only do these rods look nice (gloss deep green blank, maple reel seat insert), but they cast very well and are quite light. The model I picked up initially was their 8-weight, which had a fighting butt even though the grip was Western-style (kind of an odd combination), and I increased my maximum casting length by nearly 7 feet within a few minutes of goofing off. I liked it so much I ordered the 5-weight. I haven't used it yet, but I sure hope it's as nice to cast as the 8-wt. Proof that you don't need a $600 rod to cast well.