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: STONE--Keep it up!

05-09-2002, 08:43 AM
I have yet to fish for Freshwater fish. I barely know what a Griffith's gnat is. But I am impressed with Stone's work so far at the FFF.

People like him are what keep us going. I read his posts and try and learn a little something about Trout Fishing. He keeps adding Patterns to a fly database that I hope to someday use.

Don't really know what's making me write this other than the previous few threads on contribution to the forum. He signed up, he's contributing. Not sure if he lurked for very long;) but he's adding positive stuff to this board now and that's all that matters

05-09-2002, 08:49 AM
Nope, not a lurker...

Actually, I just got used to Forums by posting at for a while and now that it is fishing season, I got an urge to post about one of my other loves...

Went to, and you guys were at the top of the list. Looked like a first rate board, so I joined up.

Glad to be here. Glad to contribute, and hope to someday see you all out on the water.

Thanks again for the kind words. Definately made me feel welcome. Once I get some good clear photos of my flies, I will post them into the threads. (Unless someone who has easy access to do this wants to swap flies, I will be more than happy to tie a few for you.)

Also willing to sell them for those of you not inclined to sit at the vise. ;) :chuckle: