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: Stone's Yellow Hornberg

05-08-2002, 11:11 AM
I just posted this in "The Quintessential Trout", so I figured it should be put here too. When I get a pic I will add it into here.

Hook: TMC 2302 "Hump shanked, Down eye Nymph" Size 10
Thread: White 8/0 Unithread
Tail: Yellow dyed Buck Tail
Body: Yellow Rayon - "Domuilles Heavy Flat Floss"
Wings: Mallard Wing (one cut, not from each of a pair)
Hackle: Dyed Yellow

After Tying on, Secure a thread of Copper wire. Wrap wire down just before bend of hook.

Tie in one long strand of Rayon Floss. Wrap to cover over wire and back to head. Secure at head.

Tie thread over floss 1/3 of the way down the shank. Tie in tail (only 3 to 5 strands of Yellow Bucktail). Cut any extra hanging beyond 1 CM from the hook.

Tie wing as a tent over the tail to end just before the end of the hook.

Tie in hackle (sweet spot - in the webbing). Tie secure hackle just before the eye.

Cut down hackle to be no more than 2 CM in lenght (leaving behind only the part of the feather closest to the barb.)

So far proven on Brook Trout in clear, still pond.

05-16-2002, 01:18 PM
I realize that this is the feel good flyfishing site but that is one ugly fly. If you catch anything on that other than a bluegill I will be impressed.

05-16-2002, 02:08 PM
Actually, got a bite on that one already from a brookie that got away. The hackle on the one I took a pictue of is sub-par, but just haven't had a chance to get a new one up for the photographer.

05-20-2002, 12:32 PM
Are you substituting hackle with bucktail for the head?

05-20-2002, 02:26 PM
No, it is a yellow dyed saddle hackle, I just was getting too thrifty and tried to make one feather last three flies...

As you can see, not a good idea!

I will be posting new pic's of all my flies once I get a better batch tied. I have been working on some other patterns so I have not had time to get a good lookin' Hornberg to take a pic of yet.

06-06-2002, 11:19 AM
New Picture