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: An apology to all.

05-07-2002, 03:44 PM
To all at flytalk,

Yesterday afternoon I was so peed of with everything related to this subject I was going to erase flytalk forum from my faveroite places on the computer. I bet thier are some here that wish I would. Anyway after a long phone conversation with sinktip he got me cooled down, thank god for good friends. Sinktip felt that I was coming across as an eleitest and at first I was astounded by the remarks. After re-reading the jet boat thread he is most likely right that some could see it that way.
When I started the thread I did not condem the use of jet boats nor do I now. What I said was that I had some personal concerns and wanted some thoughts as to why those who used them did so. It was for the purpose of starting a dialog on a subject of the health of fly fishing today, a subject I'm truely interested in. I did not do a good job with it and I apologize. Be it lack of education, my dyslexia or tooo many magic mushroons in my younger days I do not put sentances together well and yes my splelling sucks. So I apologize once again as this has put some un needed stress on flytalk forum.
On watersprite's thread on COF's I noticed something that concerned me a lot, guess I've seen it before here and everywhere. Sean who I don't know personally but seems like he is a great guy from reading the stuff he posts brought up the young and old thing. What I see here is a division between young and old, new and old. Isn't that the way in life? If you are bringing up teenagers you know what I mean. If your too young to have kids all I can say good luck!
My hope was to bridge that gap with good discussion so we have a better understanding where we as fly fishermen are going induvidually and collectively. This old Vs new was so easily put into tech Vs silk lines when that had absolutly nothing to do with it. I don't blame the young or the old for this just me for starting that whole damn thread.
I was hoping that if we could have got some form of structure from juro, you know rules we could have had some great discussions and learned a lot as to why we fish the way we do and what fishing means to one another. I would have loved to know why some people love to fish in claves, or take fly fishing lessons. To me those things are totally obsurd but I would have liked to know your thoughts on such things as I don't fish with anyone who has done either on a regular basis. And I would have loved to give my thought on fly fishing I think I could have contributed a lot of interesting stories and observations as I know all of you would have.
But anyway sorry about all this balony I started and thankyou Juro for putting up with it as long as you did. I'll be going back to a lurker from now on. The thing I love the most about flytalk is the stories that induviduals tell over in the striper section, You know the ones when someone slips out before work or on the way home from work at some un named spot and has a great time weather they caught fish or they didn't. That's what makes Flytalk Forum so great to me , people telling real stories and great stories alike but really telling about who the induvidual is behind the fly rod.

05-07-2002, 03:59 PM

Sir, I cannot recall a post on Flytalk that anyone should apologize for and that most assuredly holds for you. You speak with great passion and concern for your flyfishing and I am pleased to have had a chance to converse with you through these pages. I count you among my friends.

If you stop posting and resort to just lurking, I will stop posting as well [and a great cheer erupts from the crowd].

Your friend,
Steven Russell

05-07-2002, 05:10 PM
NO NEED! And by all means, do not cut back on the passion and enthusiasm you've voiced for the sport recently. Just because new categories weren't dedicated to those specific topics doesn't mean they aren't great subjects to discuss in this forum; it's been very engaging and I would wager the longest thread in FORUM history!!

At the end of the day all topics that inspire us to think deeply are good topics. Don't think for a minute that anyone wants you to participate less. We've proven that we can face controversy without self-destruction and there are an infinite number of topics we've yet to discuss on the horizon.

Wouldn't be the same without you guys!

05-07-2002, 06:39 PM
The input/following of these discussions, as someone has already pointed out, is noted by the number of 'hits.' Most did not comment, but that's not an indication of a lack of interest. The thread in question (if I've done my research correctly) is #2 on the all time high list .... and I suspect it will continue to grow to #1.

The numbers speak for themselves.

05-07-2002, 06:54 PM
This is personal, even if I have never met you face to face.
Your presence on the Board and the Now Famous Thread have enriched me.
If you choose to stay away, so be it, I'll still respect you in the morning!
If on the other hand, you choose to stay, at a level of content that suits you, we all will be a litlle richer...

05-07-2002, 09:08 PM
I would like to think I did little more to get OC calmed down than give him a sparring partner. No need for worry as we both gave as good as we got. He is right though, thank god for good friends. I am proud to say that OC is a good friend and I am far richer for knowing and fishing with him. I for one am hoping that his term as a self-imposed lurker is a short one. No matter what its ills, the sport needs people with his passion.

But what do I know, I am only an (ex) Republican from Idaho ;)


05-07-2002, 09:26 PM
That's part of a good BB. There's give an take. Conflict is always good, as long as it doesn't come to literally saying "You're an arse". Alot of times, there is a difference between young and old. Sometimes good, sometimes bad. Just depends on how we all roll with the punches and accept all for who they are. None of us are the same, except that we're all anglers. Best not to judge, and accept the goods and bads of us all.

05-07-2002, 09:43 PM
The thread is now up to 1800 views; sounds pretty good to me vis a vis level of interest. So someone(s) 'vented' their stongest feelings on a topic. No threatening letters, no nasty phone calls, no no-nuttin' .... other than "talk to me."

"X" don't get your tail tied in a knot, lots of folks are listening to what you/others have to say. Don't think I saw enough "flame" to light a pipe or a cigar. But, to be honest, I did print out this thread and sat with a wonderful Carlos Torano to read through the thoughts expressed. To overstate my point the founding father of America were all in their late 20 and ealry 30's, with few exceptions. Debate ... oh yes. One of the most interesting documents I've ever read was the original draft of the Constitution, and the changes made there to. Great minds all creating a great, and the most copied/emulated document in the world.

Why do so many want to come 'here;' easy question to answer. But to a large degree you have to be "from some where else." In far too many Countries 'debate' will get you a prison sentence.

(Deleted thoughts)

You're safe in the company of Gentlemen. Debate, without question, agree to disagree, without question. Do so without rancor .... we never had it so good. Welcome to the "Adult World" of the web.

05-07-2002, 10:56 PM
Let me make this simple...OC..if you revert to a lurker you are not eligible for a complementary Zukatron Portable Shore fish finder... They will be collectors items someday.... reminds me... I need to see how many deposits I have ,,,ahem... in that swiss bank account... whoa... did I say that?

05-07-2002, 11:09 PM
# ffstrub123. Did I get that wrong? Must have as I haven't gotten the box 'covered in a plain brown wrapper.'

05-08-2002, 08:47 AM
Fred... the the mail...right! Yeah....that's the ticket.... it's , it's in the mail.

05-08-2002, 08:49 AM
Hey guys,
This is some group of fishermen, got to love you all. I need no solatium here, just got to cool my jets for awhile and do some work at the office for a change. "Give me the right bait and I'll be back!"
Striper, you didn't say what the delivery time was on the Zukatron Portable Shore Fish Finder. But if you are having trouble meeting orders due to market demand please get them out to all the striper fishermen first as your season is just begining and our steelhead season just ended.