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: Yak Review - WS Manteo

05-06-2002, 07:32 AM
Yesterday I was able to actually use my yak for a pleasurable paddle vs. targeting specific ares that I wanted to get to & paddling like mad to get there ASAP, get out & fish.

I was extremely pleased with my ride:
- in strong currents that we were drifting with, feathering the paddle as a rudder got me exactly where I wanted to go, throw in a little lean and the response was better than expected.
- paddling across strong currents, no problem with a strong sweep on the down current side and a small counter stroke on the upstream side
- paddling into the current against the wind was the most impressive, I've done this before and not been that impressed but for some reason yesterday the response from the boat was the best it's ever been

2 additional factors:
- after working off a slightly muddied head from the night before, I feel like I finally mastered using offset paddles
- I think I'm in better physical condition than last year

05-09-2002, 09:15 PM
You were an ANIMAL out there! 'Looked very "comfortable" and at ease! Your pal JP was a natural...with waders, watch out Striblue!
...I think CG (centre of graity and weight distribution makes a hugh difference in tracking and paddling effectiveness)...Fred did great but he was having a bit of a challenge and I'm sure that weight distribution played a BIG role...Last year I had a small (sorta') bad of tricks that I kept up in the from between my feet and it was enough to cause the front end to plow and carve it's own course...It was a struggle to keep it going where I wanted...
The confluence and malstrom that I had to run through to get "outside" was a real stinker unto itself and the nose heavy assault compounded matters dramatically! After I moved the cargo to the rear bulkhead, the problem was absolutely resolved and the Manteo seemed like an old friend instead of an unrode buck. 'Made all the difference! GO FIGURE!
We'll have to do that AGAIN!!! Way to go ROOPster, Fred, and JP!
In spite of the uncooperative striped friendz...Quite a swell day!

See ya Saturday!