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: Striper blues out west

05-05-2002, 10:00 AM
I have been fishing for Stripers in a lake that goes to the Ocean .I caught my first Striper on a fly last Sunday . Here are my question,s . #1 Everybody told me that you had to throw a leadcore head . The lake has flat's all the way around it with a couple channel's running through it . Depth of the the flat's are 1 to 4' then the channel which has been about 20' . #2 Iwas told to fish to the flat's ? #3 Water Temp 50 to 52 . #4 Visability 10' into the channel , Flat's endless. #5 I swithced to a slime line ,I feel that I am covering the water well . How would you guy's fish this . Not sure it matter's there is a current that goes through the lake ?Thank's Fish-Head:confused:

05-05-2002, 05:58 PM
Try fishing from low tide in the channels first.
the closer to the ocean entrance the better.
Use clouser or decievers. in about a three inch length to start( looks like small minnow, shrimp, etc.) Goe to different size as bait become apparent. You might also try counting down the clousers till you catch fish. If the fish are spooking try early morning or late evening after the yahoos go home or arrive. don't ignore the flats the fish will get there eventually fish the channels first. Anything over fifty degrees should get you fish. I am guessing you have a tide.

05-05-2002, 07:38 PM
L.R. I am not sure how far this lake is from salt . I would guess over a hundred miles ? I landed small 3 Striper's today ? I am throwing clouser's at them . I fished mostly today in 4 to 6' of water near the bank around the lake . Another learning curve for me . I have not tried any Deciever's yet or any Ray's flies yet ? From what I have heard there are shad and other bait fish that come into this lake also ? Still have skull cramp's but it is worth every cast .Thank's for the input . Fish-head